Minecraft Hoglin: Location, Drops and more!

The Minecraft Hoglin is one of the newly added beasts of the Nether and these are all its features in complete details from attacks to breeding!

Minecraft Hoglin
Minecraft Hoglin: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many mobs all around the different dimensions in the game. This Minecraft Hoglin is a denizen of the Nether Realm and was added to game after the very successful Nether update.

The Nether update was a major update to the game in terms of new things added and newer biomes as well. Among them the citizens of nether have also got some variety with humanoids and four-legged beasts.

This article talks about the Minecraft Hoglin and all its features!

Minecraft Hoglin

Minecraft Hoglin
Minecraft Hoglin

The Hoglin is a pig-like mob that is hostile towards the players and are found in the Nether.

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They spawn in groups of 3-4 in crimson forest biomes in the Nether realm. they can also be found in bastion remnants and hoglin stables.

5% of them spawn as baby hoglins.


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They are hostile towards the players and will attack them on sight or within 32 blocks. They charge towards the player and knock them into the sky. The most dangerous part about them, is that attacking one hoglin will aggro all the other hoglins in the area.

  • Attack: 12 health points
  • Health: 40 health points

Baby hoglins do not attack the player and flee when approaced.

Hoglins are also hostile towards Piglins but only if they attack first. They flee when surrounded by a group of piglins.

Baby Piglins have a tendency to ride baby Hoglins around.

When hoglins are transported to the Overworld or the End then they transform in Zombified Hoglins.


Minecraft Hoglin
Minecraft Hoglin

Players can breed two Hoglins by using Crimson Fungi. They are the only hostile mob, apart from the Killer bunny, that can be bred.

Upon feeding them Crimson Fungi they go in love mode and produce a baby hoglin.


Minecraft Hoglin
Hoglin Jockey

Upon being killed the hoglins will drop:

  • 2-4 raw porkchop
  • 0-1 Leather
  • 5 EXP orbs

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