Minecraft Piglin Brute: Spawn, Drops, Attacks and more!

The Minecraft Piglin Brute is one of the most dangerous mobs in the Nether and is also one of the most dangerous melee mobs. Here are all the features for this axe wielding warrior!

Minecraft Piglin Brute
Minecraft Piglin Brute: All you need to know!

The Nether update in Minecraft introduced some new biomes as well as some new mobs in the Nether realm. We discuss about the Minecraft Piglin Brute and all its features in the game!

Minecraft Nether Realm is a dangerous place to be in and is considered to be the hell of the Minecraft universe. Many dangerous mobs live in this dimension and some are deadly to the players.

We take a look at the Minecraft Piglin Brute and all its features in the game!

Minecraft Piglin Brute

Minecraft Piglin Brute
Minecraft Piglin Brute

The Piglin Brute is a variant of the piglin and is stronger, more hostile and wields a axe! They are generally found in the bastion remnants in the Nether realm.

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They are very hostile and attack the player on sight and unlike their piglin counterparts, they do not trade for gold.


Minecraft Piglin Brute
Minecraft Piglin Brute

They are found in Bastion Remnants and spawn in small groups in some of the rooms. Minecraft Piglin Brutes.

They spawn with Golden Axe in one hand that can even be enchanted. They cannot spawn with Armor or even pick them up.


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Minecraft Piglin Brute is a very hostile mob that will attack any players, wither skeletons or withers in range. They will also get aggroed if any piglins get hurt in their range.

These mobs are not greedy for gold and go not get distracted by Gold ingots or armors.

  • Attack: 19 health points per attack
  • Health: 50 Health points

The main danger about them is the amount of damage they deal. They are tied with the Minecraft Vindicator, to be the highest damage-dealing melee mob in the game. Each of their attacks deals a total of 19 health point damage. This is dangerous even for fully-armoured players.

They also do not take part in the hunts of the Piglins and will not attack hoglins. However, just like Piglins, they will turn into a Zombified Piglin when in the Overworld. When in the Overworld, they start shaking and turn into the zombified version.


Minecraft Piglin Brute

Upon death or when killed by the player, they drop the following:

  • 8.5% chance of dropping the golden axe it is holding.
  • 20 EXP points

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