Minecraft Rabbit: Location, drops, uses and more!

The Minecraft Rabbit is a small critter than is a uncommon mob and players can use them for a variety of reasons! Here are all the features for it!

Minecraft Rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit: All you need to know!

Minecraft mobs are found all over the world and one of the smaller ones are the Minecraft Rabbit. Players can find these cute critters mostly in open fields and deserts.

Rabbits are one of the more uncommon mobs that a player can encounter on their journeys through the Minecraft Overworld. These small creatures can only be found in small groups and their vulnerability to other commonly found creatures make them quite hard to find.

Down below we take a look at the Minecraft Rabbit and all its features.

Minecraft Rabbit

Minecraft Rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit

The Minecraft Rabbit is an uncommon passive mob that has many variants and has a few useful drops that are necessary for some crafting recipes.

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Minecraft Rabbit

Rabbits are small mobs that spawn over grass, snow and sand blocks. The desert is the home to the Creamy rabbits and all the rabbits in the desert are of the same color.

The Rabbits found in other biomes like flower forests, taigas, snowy tundras and mountain groves have different colors. Rabbits can spawn with adults and rabbit kits. Taiga biomes have significantly less rabbits because wolves and foxes kill them on sight.

Behaviour and Breeding

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Rabbits are passive creatures which hop around the biome. Players can kill them with any tool or hand and hitting them will prompt them to run away.

However, they will slowly approach a player who is holding a carrot, golden carrots and dandelions. They will also avoid hostile mobs and wolves, foxes and cats, which kill them.

Players can breed a rabbit with a carrot, golden carrot or dandelions. The baby rabbit will have the same fur color as any of their parents, but they have a 5% chance to have a fur to match the biome they are born in.

Variations of rabbit

Minecraft Rabbit
Variants of Rabbits

The Rabbit has several variants that the players can either spawn or find in the world. According to skins they vary in:

  • Brown fur
  • White fur with red eyes – Snowy biomes
  • Black fur with grey patches – Snowy biomes
  • Black and white spotted fur
  • Gold/cream fur – found in desert biomes
  • Salt and pepper fur

The Killer Bunny

Minecraft Rabbit
Killer Bunny

This is a variant of the rabbit that can only be spawned using commands “/ summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}“. This is a direct reference to the popular movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and is hostile towards the player and even wolves and foxes.

The rabbit is marked by its pure white fur and bloodshot eyes that are horizontally placed, instead of the normal vertical ones.

They have 8 armor points and deal 8 health damage to players and mobs it attacks. They are also significantly faster than other rabbits.


Minecraft Rabbit
Toast Rabbit

This variant of Rabbit is only obtained by naming a rabbit “Toast” using a nametag. This changes to fur color to black and white.

This is a Easter egg and was implemented in the game due to a fan request in memory of his missing rabbit called Toast. This serves as a sad memorial for a beloved pet in the game.


Minecraft Rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit

When Minecraft Rabbit is killed, it drops one of the following:

  • 0-1 rabbit hide
  • 0-1 raw rabbit
  • 10% chance of rabbit foot
  • 1-3 EXP orbs

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