“A bloody fortune!”- Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR ball stretches offers upto $2 million, conflict rises between Darren Rovell and Nate Silver

Aaron Judge's record-breaking home run ball is likely to be the costliest baseball ever sold.

Aaron Judge's 62nd home run ball
Aaron Judge's 62nd home run ball

On Tuesday as the New York Yankees defeated the Texas Rangers 3-2, Aaron Judge scores his 62nd home run and rewrote history, surpassing Roger Maris in creating an AL Record of most home runs hit in a single season. The world is celebrating Aaron’s MLB record and the Empire State Building also lit up in Yankees colors to honor Aaron Judge on his new record.

Out of everyone present in the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas there emerged one lucky fan who’s worth now is much more than he would ever know. Corey Youman was the fortunate individual to get hold on to Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball. His record-breaking ball is much more than anyone could ever imagine.

Aaron Judge’s ball which overtook Roger Maris is something the people invested in the MLB market would be willing to pay hundreds of thousand for. Corey Youman is already offered $2 million for the ball, and when asked what he planned to do with the ball Youman answered, “Good question, I haven’t thought about it.” 

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Aaron Judge’s homerun causes rift between Darren Rovell and Nate Silver

Aaron Judge
Darren Rovell and Nate Silver

After Aaron Judge created history and the ball was caught by the lucky Corey Youman, who was offered $2 million for the historic baseball, the two twitter rivals Darren Rovell and Nate Silver had different opinions of what they would do, had it been them who would have got the historic, record-breaking baseball.

Darren Rovell said “If I’m guy who caught Judge No. 62, I hold out all negotiations until the regular season ends. Why? Because if Judge doesn’t hit another one, it’s worth at least DOUBLE,” tweeted Rovell, a sports business reporter for Action Network who specializes in sports betting and memorabilia.

Whereas Nate Silver responded by saying “Wrong,” Silver responded, “You work for a gambling website and don’t have a grasp of basic statistical concepts.” Though this hasn’t been the first time the both of them haven’t agreed on something.

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