“It’s brutal to watch Baez play”- Detroit Tigers paying A TON for Javier Baez

The Detroit Tigers might have to carry this burden for another 5 years, and Javier Baez seems to be in the centre of it.

Javier Baez
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This off season, the Detroit Tigers made a significant move by signing their future shortstop. Javier Báez agreed to a six-year, $140 million deal in order to join the Detroit Tigers’ organization. If he chooses not to use his opt-out after the 2023 season, he will stay in Detroit through the end of the 2027 season, barring a trade or another roster change. The Detroit Tigers erred in judgement. Báez’s value is $23.3 million a year, thus it’s difficult to see him perform as poorly as he has. Although the defence has occasionally been “magical,” El Mago has been far from exceptional, leading the league in mistakes.

Even more brutal to see has been the performance at the plate. This person is being paid by the organization to be an impact bat, however at times the strategy has been dubious. Any baseball enthusiast should be able to see this. The plate coverage and discipline have been terrible. He is getting paid far too much, and at the current pace, the next six years will be difficult for Detroit Tigers supporters. It will quickly grow boring to watch Báez chase sliders away while swinging through the fastball. There is a lot to dislike about the at-bats, despite the narrative that Báez thrives on the animosity.

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Javier Baez remains locked in with the Tigers

Javier Baez
Javier Baez

The team is paying its star shortstop too much to chase fastballs, swipe through sliders, and take pitches in the zone. Despite the fact that I am aware that this was Al Avila’s decision, the contract does not end with his dismissal; instead, he remains locked in Detroit in the absence of a trade or an opt-out. I also realise that he does manage to reach base, collect hits, and score runs. However, those hits typically result from the pitcher’s errors, which is something any major leaguer should be able to do: profit on errors. Báez singled on a line drive into centerfield during the first inning of Saturday’s game against the Chicago White Sox, for instance.

A base hit is a base hit, but when Lucas Giolito misses his mark, it’s difficult to call it a nice at-bat. Báez took advantage of Yasmani Grandal being set up for a fastball that was intended to be on the outside third away from him and land over the plate. Here, Báez hits a long home run to left field. It’s great to get a run, but notice how Luke Maile is positioned in relation to the pitch’s final location.

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