“For the BRAVE Braves”- Elton John enunciates Atlanta Braves 5-3 victory over the NY Mets live in Nashville’s Nissan Stadium

Elton John moved to Atlanta in the early ’90s during the Braves’ heyday, is a noted supporter of the ball club

Elton John
Elton John IMAHO/ Matrix

On Sunday night, the Atlanta Braves defeated the New York Mets by a score of 5-3. And this news out of all people was shared by Sir Elton John amidst his final tour the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, on Sunday night at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. Moments before singing his last song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” Elton John announced that he was very happy as the Braves won against the Mets.

Sir Elton John a.k.a the “Rocket Man” is a British singer, pianist and composer. John is also a big Major League Baseball fan and supports the Atlanta Braves. John shifted to Atlanta in the early 90’s and stayed in Georgia for more than 20 years, watching and supporting their games. Elton John was a long time Braves fan and kept up with the team from the time Bobby Cox was the manager.

“Something that makes me very happy tonight: The Braves swept the Mets,” Elton John said from behind his piano. You could make out the happiness on his face, he threw a small fist into the air and then said, “Yeah baby!”.

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Fans reacted to Elton John’s comment

Elton John
Elton John

Elton John’s comment was like salt in the wounds of the already broken New York Mets’ fans. The Mets dominated the NL East division for most of the time, but now the tables have turned and the team who was behind the Mets by 10.5 games in June have clinched the division title.

If Sunday’s game between the Braves and Mets made one thing sure it was that New York Mets do not have any more chances at the division title and the Atlanta Braves need just to win one more game or one loss by the New York Mets should be enough to add the NL East division title to their name for the 5th time straight.

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