Did Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez cheated on her with Madison LeCroy?

Madison LeCroy's recent allegation have made her the center of attention regarding the love life drama of Alex Rodriguez

Did Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez cheated on her with Madison LeCroy?

Madison LeCroy (left) and Alex Rodriguez (right) (Pic Credit: NewBeauty/Vanity Fair)

The controversy and drama circling around Alex Rodriguez knows no end. Popularly known by his nickname of “A-Rod”, the 47-year-old baseball great’s various off-field incidents have always made a mark on his character. He once again finds himself being the talking point of another controversial topic. Recently TV star Madison LeCroy claimed that A-Rod was willing to cheat on Jennifer Lopez with her.

Appearing at the “Pillows and Beers” podcast, the Southern Charm actor raised some eyebrows following her revelation. She disclosed the messages she received from the former MLB player. At first, LeCroy assumed that she was getting scammed by some identity thief as A-Rod had publicly announced his relationship with singer J-Lo.


The TV star stated that A-Rod would start texting her in 2021. He would ask about the situation of local gyms and fitness centers as the country went through a lockdown period owing to the coronavirus outbreak. The shocking point of her revelation was that Rodriguez was willing to maintain her as a “side chick” despite being fully involved with J-Lo.

LeCroy completely refused this wish as she had no interest in being second best. Such heavy accusations made against him did not go unanswered. A representative of A-Rod gave a strong response to Entertainment Tonight. “Her 15 minutes of frame are up, and she is trying to get a 16th minute. Please stop wasting everyone’s time with the false narratives,” they said in their statement.

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Did Madison LeCroy play a part in the break-up of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez?

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez together. (Pic Credit: Us Weekly)

Having a successful career on the playing field does not necessarily guarantee a successful life out of it. Despite his various accolades, A-Rod personal life has always gone up in smoke. After a six-year marriage life with Cynthia Scurtis, his life saw many partners come and go.

It soon established a pattern where he would date someone and then they will go their separate ways. However when singer Jennifer Lopez entered his life, many thought this could be it.

The couple got together in 2017 and soon started making headlines. They became one of the power couples of Hollywood. After two years of dating, they announced their engagement, an announcement which was well-received by the fans. However, in 2021, the duo called off their engagement without giving a proper reason.


At the time of their breakup, their were rumors of cheating. LeCroy’s recent statement has now left everyone wondering whether this could be the reason for their split. The couple never addressed the situation publicly.

J-Lo would then later go on to marry her former partner and Actor Ben Affleck. In the meantime, A-Rod is now dating fitness trainer Jaclyn Cordeiro. It remains to be seen what happens about this event. History is not on the player’s side though. This ongoing topic could reveal more secrets in the future.

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