“Failure here at New York”: Michael Kay slanders Joey Gallo’s enforcement when he was a Yankee

Michael Kay weighs in on Joey Gallo's exit from the Bronx.

Michael Kay and Joey Gallo
Michael Kay and Joey Gallo

Michael Kay is an American television play-by-play broadcaster of the New York Yankees. He is also the host of several shows such as CenterStage on the YES Network, The Michael Kay Show heard on WEPN-FM in New York City and simulcast on ESPN Xtra on XM Satellite Radio.

He was recently asked about his thoughts on the Joey Gallo trade, out of the New York Yankees. Joey Gallo did produce one of the worst numbers by a Yankee regular, final numbers over 140 games with the Yankees, ahead of a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which was announced Tuesday: A .159 batting average, 25 homers, 77 walks and 194 strikeouts.

Michael Kay said, “They did not go out of their way to boo a guy, that was actually doing a decent job,” Michael Kay said of Yankees fans about Gallo. “He was a failure here at New York for whatever reason. Whether the pressure of having to win became a big deal. Whether he just got his swing out of whack, because he mentally was not right while he was here.”

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Michael Kay lets everyone know that Joey Gallo deserves the abuse

Michael Kay and Joey Gallo
Michael Kay and Joey Gallo

Michael Kay continued, “He deserved to be booed. I don’t think the fans were extra special hard on him. I look at what the fans did to Giancarlo Stanton when he first got here. That was unfair, I mean, the first game he ever played here, they booed him. This guy earned the boos.”

Although Joey Gallo did come out and accepted that the fans made him “feel like sh*t” when they booed him in his last match as a Yankee. Now Michael Kay might have to rethink what he said as Gallo will start over in Los Angeles, where the Dodgers have had a knack for finding uses for players who struggled elsewhere.

“Ah yes let’s just s*** on players’ mental health on broadcast just after the player has left so the vitriolic Yankees fans can feel good about themselves. This s*** is why people don’t like the Yankees, it has nothing to do with the players or how they are run,” one of the fans said.

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