“No question, he is the MVP”- Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless rank Aaron Judge amongst the elite and finest ballplayers

Can Aaron Judge win the Triple Crown this year ?

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

New York Yankees star player Aaron Judge is on the verge of breaking the Roger Maris’ record of 61 home runs in a single season. With his 60th home run on Tuesday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Aaron Judge is now tied with Babe Ruth and is the closest to break the record for the most home runs in a single season.

While being the potential winner of the Triple Crown with a batting average of .317 and 60 home runs in the 2022 season, Skip Bayless and Shannon’s are in favor of Aaron Judge winning the MVP award this season.

“In his rookie year, he’s hit the most home runs for a rookie since been broken by Pete Alonso finished second in the MVP voting that year to Jose Altuve.” Said Shannon Sharpe “I think he finished 4th last year, there’s no question in my mind, he should be the MVP this year.”

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Does Aaron Judge stand a chance to be the greatest home run hitter

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

“He’s the MVP, they’re not in first place in the American League and they’re not even in the Wild Crad without his bat beacuse Giancarlo Stanton who’s another power hitter missed 30-40 games and when he played, he’s kept he’s hitting .210”

Does Aaron Judge stand a chance to be the greatest home run hitter? This is a rather debatable question taking in his age and his MLB home runs till now. According to Sharpe and Bayless Judge should focus on hitting two more home runs and they focus on the singles and doubles and focus on his batting average to win the Triple Crown.

Here’s Shannon Sharpe response to Skip Bayless if Aaron Judge could stand a shot to be the greatest home run hitter: “No, no he ain’t getting seven he’s not getting 762 hell no, Skip he doesn’t have 300 right now he’s 30.” Considering his age and his late start in the majors this might be a difficult task to accomplish.

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