Shohei Ohtani Contract: How much does the Japanese MLB star earn from his contract with the Los Angeles Angels?

The Angels star is set to earn $65 million throughout the season.

Shohei Ohtani Contract: How much does the Japanese MLB star earn from his contract with the Los Angeles Angels?

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Becoming a professional is the dream of every fan who has admired a sport. When one does become a pro, the next thing they want is to improve as much as one can. There is no straight path to success. One has to climb up the ladder and earn the respect. Shohei Ohtani has done that. He has earned the respect and is on his way to becoming one of the greatest baseball players ever seen. Now the question arrives, how much is he going to earn?


According to Forbes, the Los Angeles Angels two-way star player is all set to earn an MLB-record $65 million during the 2023 MLB season. The Angels signed the 2021 AL MVP to a one-year $30 million extension in October. The Japanese international will also make $35 million off the field through sponsorships and endorsements.

Before the contract extension he 2021, Ohtani was earning $4.25 million annually. There have been reports that his next contract could be between $450-$500 million. Ohtani has continued to impress since his debut in the MLB. Despite his team’s poor performance in the 2022 season, Ohtani finished second in the MVP race to New York Yankees’s Aaron Judge. The stardom of Ohtani rose further when he led Team Samurai Japan to the World Baseball Classic (WBC) title in March 2023.

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Shohei Ohtani’s performances make him worth every penny

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Ohtani is said to earn $65 million throughout this season. He signed a one-year extension with the Angles to avoid arbitration. This new deal will be a huge increase from what he made in 2021 ($6 million) and 2022 ($20 million). In contrast, current AL MVP Aaron Judge will receive $4.5 million extra through endorsements after signing the biggest MLB contract ever with the Yankees. On the other hand, Ohtani’s teammate Mike Trout will receive $4 million on endorsements.

According to data provided by, Ohtani is guaranteed to make $30,000,000. He will earn a base salary of $30,000,000 with his current contract. Ohtani will become a free agent after the current season. His next deal could possibly see him earning $40-$50 million dollar as a salary.

Any team who will be willing to sign Ohtani for free will have to force out big bucks in terms of salary. Another question that comes up is whether the Angels will be able to afford him. A month before he signed the extension. He was left unimpressed with the team’s performance. This could play a big factor in his return to the Angels. The franchise would certainly like to build a team around him and Trout but Ohtani would surely want some reassurance regarding that.

The Angles had another disappointing season where they finished with a 73-89 record in the AL West with a win percentage of .451. They were an astonishing 33 games behind the second-placed team Seattle Mariners. As a two-way player, Ohtani batted and pitched as well. The MLB even introduced a new MLB rule named the ‘Shohei Ohtani rule” which allowed him to bat in a game even if he took off the mound as a pitcher.


At the mound. Ohtani finished with a 15-9 record, with 219 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.33. While batting, Shohei flexed his muscles. He smashed 34 home runs and had 95 RBIs to his name with an average of .273 and an OBP of .356. Speculations about Los Angeles Dodgers making a move for the Japanese star have already started surfacing.

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