“Yeah it was falling out,” Joe Rogan reacts to old clip of martial arts days and comments on hair loss

The UFC commentor Joe Rogan and comedian Theo Von see an old video of a young and ripped Joe Rogan.

“Yeah it was falling out,” Joe Rogan reacts to old clip of martial arts days and comments on hair loss

Joe Rogan (image credit- Reddit)

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular UFC commentators in the MMA world. Furthermore, he is known for his candid interviews and his energetic personality. Rogan is also well-known for his dedication to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, even at 55 years old. Over the years, Rogan has become more and more health-conscious and a fitness fanatic. Hence, when someone compares his old and new physique, the difference in Rogan can be seen very clearly.

Similarly, in an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan reminisced about his younger days with Theo Von. In the video, we can see a very young and ripped Rogan in a black-and-white film. Subsequently, Joe Rogan was playing the role of a boxer and looked completely different because of his lean physique.


Furthermore, Rogan had a head full of hair, which made him look like a different person even more. While watching the video, Rogan stated:

Look at that hair, it was kind of an illusion, yeah it was falling out.

Hence, when Von spoke about Rogan’s hair and how different and handsome he looked, Rogan stated that it was an illusion. Subsequently, Rogan revealed that his hair loss had started around this point in his life.

Furthermore, Rogan was watching the video of his younger self with a lot of focus and astonishment. In addition, Rogan stated that it feels strange to see your younger self and that it feels like a different person altogether.


Joe Rogan and Elon Musk talk about Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou

The comedian Joe Rogan and tech mogul Elon Musk had a chat about the fight between Francis Ngganou and Tyson Fury, which the Cameroonian boxer lost in a split decision in his boxing debut.

Joe Rogan; Elon Musk
Joe Rogan; Elon Musk (Source: IMAGO)

Last month, Fury beat Ngannou in what was supposed to be an easy win, but Fury didn’t get off to a great start. Ngannou put up a great fight and even managed to knock Fury down in the third round.

Ngannou’s performance was commendable; however, he was unable to secure a win on the judges’ scorecards. A month later, Rogan commented on the outcome, claiming that he believed that Francis Ngannou had won the fight.


Further, Rogan stated that Ngannou should have won via decision, according to several people, including himself. In addition, Rogan stated that one of the judges who scored the fight consistently inaccurately should go to jail.

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