“Could hear steroids in his voice!” Joe Rogan STUNNED after witnessing bodybuilding sensation Sam Sulek workout videos

UFC commentor Joe Rogan presumes that the famous influencer bodybuilder Sam Sulek uses steroids.

“Could hear steroids in his voice!” Joe Rogan STUNNED after witnessing bodybuilding sensation Sam Sulek workout videos

Sam Sulek and Joe Rogan (image credit- The Sun, IMAGO)

Sam Sulek is a 21-year-old bodybuilder who has risen to the top of the online influencer fitness world. Furthermore, Sulek is a former diver who’s gone through a huge transformation in the last four years. Hence, his dramatic transformation over the past four years has captivated a new generation of bodybuilding fans who want to look just like him.

However, bodybuilding experts such as IFBB Pro trainer Greg Doucette have accused him of taking steroids. Subsequently, Sulek’s rise in fame has also gained the attention of the UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary pop culture and is also a renowned martial artist. In the most recent episode of the JRE podcast, Cameron Hanes appeared as a guest and asked Joe Rogan about Sulek. Rogan acknowledged that he had heard of Sulek but didn’t anticipate that Sulek’s transformation would take him by surprise. While watching a clip of SuleK, Rogan stated:

You can hear the steroids in his voice.

Additionally, Rogan compared pictures of Sulek’s back last-spread pose from 2019 and from 2023. In the 2019 pictures, Sulek was 18 years old and weighed 183 pounds, and in 2023, he is 22 years old and weighs 237 pounds.

The astonishing 54 pounds of pure muscle that Sulk gained in just 3–4 years shocked Rogan. Subsequently, Rogan came to the same conclusion as Doucette that Sulek is using steroids to gain such muscle mass.

Joe Rogan reacts to Bradley Martyn fighting Demetrious Johnson.

Bradley Martyn, a bodybuilder, and YouTube star has been talking about defeating professional fighters with his size. Martyn is a huge success on YouTube as an influencer bodybuilder, with over 3 million subscribers. Subsequently, he is well-known for his videos of him lifting and showing off his strength.

Joe Rogan, Bradley Martyn and Demetrious Johnson, Sam Sulek
Joe Rogan, Bradley Martyn and Demetrious Johnson (image credit- IMAGO, Marca)

In addition, Martyn recently made waves online after he and his friend Brendan Schaub had a chat about one of the top flyweight champions in the world, Demetrious Johnson. In the interview, Schaub said that Johnson would beat Martyn. However, Martyn responded by saying that he would beat Johnson easily.

Furthermore, Johnson has agreed to fight Martyn in a jujutsu match and is confident that he will win regardless of the size difference. Subsequently, this led to Rogan reacting to the potential matchup and sharing his insight about who would win.

Rogan asserted that Martyn’s chances of beating Johnson were slim to none because of Johnson’s knowledge of Jujutsu. However, Rogan stated that in a street fight without any rules, Martyn could have a chance.

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