“Can’t control how she feels”- Kayla Harrison is not ready to take the blame for Amanda Nunes leaving ATT

Kayla Harrison reacts to Amanda Nunes' decision of leaving the American Top Team because of her, saying she has nothing but respect for her.

Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison
Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison reacts to Nunes leaving ATT! Amanda Nunes is the best female mixed martial artist to ever step inside the octagon. The Lioness became the first female double champ in the history of the UFC, and she has beaten every former champion of her division.

Despite all her accomplishments, she faced a major upset in her last title defense against Julianna Pena at UFC 269. Nunes was looking to run through Pena, but Pena gave her a tough competition and managed to secure a rear-naked choke to get the victory. Nobody believe what they saw, but Nunes remained gracious in her defeat and promised to be better.

Nunes has been reported to part ways with her long-time gym, American Top Team. Reports from various sources suggest that the former two-division champ and the current UFC featherweight champion is looking for a new home to train. Amanda Nunes has been a face of the ATT and has represented the gym since 2014. She moved to train at ATT after her loss against Cat Zingano, and now she’s moving again following another loss.

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“Enjoyed the time we got to train together”- Kayla Harrison has nothing but respect for Amanda Nunes

Julianna Pena on Kayla Harrison and Amanda Nunes
Kayla Harrison and Amanda Nunes

Talking to MMA Fighting in a recent interview, Nunes admitted that Harrison joining her gym, and starting to eye a fight against him forced her to take such bold steps. Kayla was keeping her mouth shut about the whole incident, but now she has addressed this issue in a recent interview.

Talking to MMA Fighting, she said, “I have nothing negative to say about Amanda. Again, great teammate, I really enjoyed the time we got to train together. I really enjoyed learning from her, growing with her, pushing each other. I feel bad that’s how she feels because I always tried to be up front and respectful about my wishes and my goals. I never shied away from it or tried to pretend.”

She added, “I feel bad that she felt that way. But I also feel like that’s not my responsibility. I can’t control how she feels. She’s also in the gym training, watching me train and getting better. I was not worried or offended or nervous.”

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