WATCH: “Dropping like a cartoon character” – Man gets knocked out twice in hilarious MMA-style street fight stunning fans

A street fight captured on social media showcases a double knockout, highlighting the unpredictable and often dangerous nature of untrained combat.

WATCH: “Dropping like a cartoon character” – Man gets knocked out twice in hilarious MMA-style street fight stunning fans

Street fight ends in hilarious knockout (Image via: X)

MMA has made big waves recently and has influenced even common people’s lives. Many have taken up martial due to the influence of MMA. However, it has also caused a significant rise in street fights among untrained people. More often than not, these fights often produce disastrous results. One such video went viral on social media lately.


In the video, a shirtless man and another man in a black vest engaged in a street fight, which ended in a hilarious knockout. The fight started with the shirtless man in the Southpaw position and the black vest man in the Orthodox position. From the video, it was evident that neither was very good at fighting, as they swung hooks at each other, and only a few landed.

Despite the viral end of the fight, it also had hilarious incidents. The black vest man first knocked out the shirtless man with a right hook, one among the many he threw. It was a brutal punch as the shirtless man briefly lost consciousness and fell. However, that did not stop him from fighting. He got up and proceeded to fight again.

The man in the black vest man did not want to engage with his opponent as he felt he already won. However, the shirtless man showed him back, making him respond violently with a punch. This time, he knocked his opponent out cold. If it was the first knockout only, the shirtless man would’ve been fine, but the second knockout would’ve given him a concussion.


Fight fans reacted to the hilarious street fight knockout video

The video of the street fight video where a man suffered two knockouts went viral on social media. One of the main reasons for the popularity was undoubtedly the hilarious element.

Street fight ends in hilarious knockout
The street fight ends in a hilarious knockout (Image via: X)

Nonetheless, see how fight fans reacted to the video below.

The video is the perfect explanation of the need to not have street fights. A referee would’ve protected the shirtless man from further damage if they had fought under the rules. However, there are some instances where the referee allowed it to happen. Sean O’Malley‘s fight with Thomas Almeida and Jalin Turner‘s fight with Bobby Green are some examples.

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