“We’re talking to lawyers,” Jake Paul’s plan of forming a fighter’s union is in full motion

Boxer Jake Paul is working in full fledge to create a fighter's union to support fighters.

Jake Paul fighter pay
Jake Paul is working on making a fighter's union

Jake Paul seems to actually care about the fighter’s pay and the boxer is making big moves to back his talk.

YouTube sensation Jake Paul took over the world of combat sports by a storm as he transitioned to boxing. The boxer now is 5-0 and has been an absolute phenom to some and an absolute menace to MMA promotions that have not been treating their fighters well. Jake has been talking about fighter’s pay for a long time and the YouTuber seems to be backing his talk in recent times.

In the recent episode of MMA Hour, Paul made an appearance on the show with popular reporter Ariel Helwani. In the show, Paul affirmed that he is planning on making a fighter’s union to support the fighters and help them get what they deserve. The fighter says the works for a fighter’s union have already started and lawyers are being involved to make things happen perfectly.

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“I’m taking action,” Jake Paul says he is not backing down on fighter pay issue

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Jake has fought two of the former MMA champions in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. The fighter takes pride in saying that he has been able to give those two champions the biggest paydays in their careers. “These fighters who have been mistreated…I’m taking action and I’m backing it up,” said Jake on the interview. “I’m not letting off anytime soon and I actually care. I actually give a f**k. I have already done too much. I like this. I like the responsibility.”

“For people who don’t think I’m serious about it, you’ll see. We’re already in talks with lawyers to begin a fighter’s union. So I’m not spending all my time and money on this for anything. I have everything. I could do anything. I could retire but what gives me a lot of pleasure in helping other people,” said Jake Paul.

Do you appreciate what Jake is currently doing with starting a movement to support fighters?

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