Chase Elliott REJECTS Jimmie Johnson demands for extended Cup practice sessions

Jimmie Johnson recently asked NASCAR for more practice time.

Chase Elliott REJECTS Jimmie Johnson demands for extended Cup practice sessions

Jimmie Johnson and Chase Elliott (Via IMAGO)

Seven times NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson has been struggling to produce solid results in the Next-Gen car since his return to the sport as a co-owner/driver at Legacy Motor Club. The 7th Gen car doesn’t suit the racings style he used in his whole career and this has made his ask NASCAR to increase the time for practice session.


Currently a NASCAR race, if not for some selected weekends, has 20 minutes of practice for Cup drivers before qualifying. Jimmie Johnson want’s this to exceed at least to 40-45 minutes so that the drivers have a better understanding of the car and team can develop the car more. But his former teammate Chase Elliott doesn’t agree with the veteran.

Elliott, while talking to the media at Texas, pointed out that he believes drivers are getting enough practice time. He pointed out that it is Johnson’s need of wanting extra practice is the reason behind the demand as he doesn’t get enough time to familiarize himself with the car as he is running just five race this season like many part-timers.

If Jimmie is not going to race every week and he's going to run 5 races, Jimmie needs practice. I think we have enough practice. I certainly can understand their perspective on guys either running a part-time schedule or people that are running, maybe full-time in Xfinity and then running a few Cup races here and there.
Chase Elliott said at TMS.

Jimmie Johnson breaks down why he is struggling in the Next-Gen cars

Ahead of the Texas Cup race, JJ revealed the reasons for his Cup struggles. He pointed out that the current cars no longer allow him to run efficiently off the right rear, which was his signature style. Johnson now has to drive off the right front because of the aero and tier changes.

Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson (Via IMAGO) No:84 car spinning out (Via Screenshot: @NASCAR/X)
I spent a lifetime running a car off the right rear. This car you just cannot do that. From the aero platform, the tire and I believe the sidewall stiffness of the tire, you can’t slip and slide this car around like I like to do. I kept telling myself coming into this weekend that I need to drive off the right front.
Jimmie Johnson said.

It seems his new approach to racing Next-Gen cars paid off as he was able to secure his best finish since LMC debut last Sunday as well as finished in the lead lap the first time in this era. He would be hoping to continue the flow, and maybe convince NASCAR to make some changes that would allow at least the part-timers to have bit more practice.