Dale Earnhardt Jr. claims he is “worried” about Iowa Speedway after re-pavement

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is concerned because of partial-paving done at Iowa.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. claims he is “worried” about Iowa Speedway after re-pavement

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Via IMAGO)

The Iowa Speedway is set to host it’s first NASCAR Cup Series race since 2006 the upcoming week. Driver would have new challenge to tackle at the track as it was recently repaved partially earlier this season. This change in the asphalt makes Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. worry about how good the race would be.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. pointed out that he is little worried about how the racing would playout at the track after seeing the images from the tier test. He pointed out that with the new pavement at turn two and turn four, the driver will relay too much on it while racing as it offers an additional advantage over the old surface.

He finds it interesting why the track wasn’t fully paved and why it was done partially. The two times Xfinity Series champion is uncertain on what kind of race to expect at the track. If the race ends up bad it might probably be the last Cup event the track will get.

I’m a little bit worried about Iowa as we saw with the photos and images from the tire test. They paved parts of the racetrack and unfortunately, you’re never ever going to want to get out of that new pavement… They probably had to fix the track but why they didn’t pave the whole track is interesting. So, I’m not sure what kind of race it’ll be — a good one or not when we actually go there for real.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. said via Dale Jr. Download.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. explains why he never wanted race at Iowa Xfinity Series event

During the same conversation, Junior pointed out that he was told by his drivers many time that the track at Iowa is too rough and that the reason why he never went there to race in the Xfinity Series. He never wanted to experience the bumps in turn 1.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Via IMAGO)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Via IMAGO)
I know this track was extremely rough and it was the very reason why I never went there in the Xfinity Series was because of listening to my drivers talk about how bad the bumps were, especially getting down into Turn 1.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. said.

It would be interesting to see how the race would playout on Sunday, considering the cynicism shown by Junior. If the race didn’t go as expected, Iowa might lose the race date as they are multiple tracks which are waiting to get a Cup date.

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