Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals he “would love to be an introvert,”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Credits: IMAGO/ USA Today Network)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the modern-day greats of NASCAR. He is two times Xfinity series champions influence on the sport goes beyond just his surname. He is one of the most successful NASCAR drivers on and off the track. The semi-retired driver is seen as a voice of the NASCAR community over many things.

The overall charisma and the leadership skills he possesses make him one of the most followed people in the sport. He voices his opinion and criticism of the sport via his podcast “Dale Jr. Download or his punditry gig at NBC. The no-nonsense approach he follows while giving his opinion earns him respect.   

It may surprise many, but in a recent interview with the Miami Herald Dale Earnhardt Jr. revealed that he actually would have loved to be an introvert. He points out that there is a dichotomy in his character as he wants him to be both an introvert and an outgoing person.

Half of me would love to be somewhere by myself, being an introvert. The other half of me is kind of great with the way things are. Everything I’ve ever done in my life, I never want to do it by myself, whether it was a road trip or whatever it might be,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. explains why he wants to be an introvert

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Images via IMAGO)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said that he daydreams about being in an old ranch house by the lake, where he used to live in the past. He has the urge to experience the same life once again as he is super nostalgic. But being alone is not the thing he truly wants.

So, I know that being alone is probably not what I truly want. But there are times when I daydream about that old ranch house we used to live in on the lake. I’m super nostalgic. And so, for some reason, I’ve got this urge to experience what life was like,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said.

He added that he also dreams about being away from all the professional responsibilities and being alone. He pointed out that regardless of the music and the style of his daydream life it will probably be miserable.

The music, the style, and the way things were back then. So, I kind of daydream about that a lot — just being alone and to myself and void of any responsibility professionally. But I think the truth is that I’d probably be miserable,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. added.

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