“Danica is a pioneer in our sport” When Joey Logano bestowed the ‘NASCAR Pioneer’ title on Danica Patrick

Find out why Joey Logano called Danica Patrick a NASCAR Pioneer back in 2018.

Joey Logano
Danica Patrick and Joey Logano
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Without a question, Danica Patrick has cemented herself as the finest female racer in the history of the sport. She has achieved milestones that many female racers before and behind her are struggling to reach. The conflicting views that exist on Danica Patrick’s racing career among fans still serve as a shred of evidence of the breadth of her influence in the motorsports industry.

The first only female driver to win an Indy car race and the first female driver to win a NASCAR cup race pole Danica Patrick’s legacy lives on. She also holds the record for most Top 10 finishes by a female in both IndyCar and NASCAR cup series. But along with all these achievements, she has a strong group of fans that hates her with the main, and maybe the only rational criticism they have against her that is Patrick has underperformed given the opportunity and exposure she got.

The argument does have some truth to it as Danica Patrick did have the potential and ability to achieve much more in her racing career. But Danica Patrick has earned the respect of the racing world and her colleagues with her performances and milestone achieved and one among her admire is the 2017 Cup Series champion and No:22 Team Penske driver Joey Logano, who called Danica Patrick a NASCAR pioneer back in 2018.

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Find out what Joey Logano said on Danica Patrick  

Joey Logano
Joey Logano

Joey Logano was asked about his opinion on Danica Patrick by Jeff Gluck in his 12-question segment to which the former champion replied saying that he believes Danica Patrick is a pioneer of NASCAR racing from a women’s standpoint with her achievements. He points out that Danica Patrick has brought in a new set of fans to the sport with her admirable improvements and hard work. 

I think Danica is a pioneer in our sport from a women’s standpoint in the things that she was able to accomplish. I think what she brought to our sport as far as eyeballs that watched it, a lot of fans came from it, and I think the improvement and the hard work she put into it is admirable,” Joey Logano said.

Joey Logano went on to say that Danica Patrick was successful in challenging a lot of the gender barriers the sport had and the challenges women faced in the sport. He went on to say that he looks up to her for the efforts she put in as he thinks there is a lot that came with it. 

Obviously, as a woman in our sport has a lot of challenges. I think she overcame a lot of them. Honestly, I think she earned a lot of respect in here that no one really cared if she was a boy or girl or whatever. I don’t think it really mattered in the end. So I look up to her for that, because I think there was a lot that comes with that,” Joey Logano added.

Joey Logano went on to add that Danica Patrick was smart enough to understand racing is permanent so she had already put herself outside the racing realm investing in her future. He backed his arguments by pointing to the wine and clothing businesses Danica Patrick created and pointed out that she should be proud of her racing career as a whole.

And I also kind of like how she’s smart enough to realize that racing is something that is sometimes here today and gone tomorrow, and she has put herself in a position to invest in her future outside of motorsports. I don’t think all athletes do that, so that’s impressive to see. She’s got the wine thing, she’s got some clothing stuff. I think that’s admirable as well. So I think she’s done a lot. I think she should be proud of her career and proud of what the next steps are,” Joey Logano explained.
Do you think Danica Patrick really deserves the title given to her by Joey Logano?

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