Daniel Suarez claims that the “Next Gen cars really came to the game to change everything” in the 2022 season

Find out what Daniel Suarez had to say how the Next-Gen cars have made the races more competitive, which enabled him to get to the playoffs and how the Sonoma win changed his confidence

Daniel Suárez
Daniel Suárez

NASCAR will hit the Nashville Superspeedway on this weekend for the 17th round of cup racing as the drivers will be going hard at each other to secure the reaming playoff spots or the regular season championship. With just 10 race weekends left in the schedule the reaming races will be a vital especially for drivers with playoff ambitions as with 12 drivers already securing their spots in the final with race wins consistent front raw finishes might not be the best outcome for them in the pursuit.

Going into the final race day on Sunday Trackhouse Racing is a clear favourite to end up in the podium as both of their Chevy Camaro ZL1 drivers, No:99 Daniel Suarez and No:1 Ross Chastain are in red hot form. Going into Nashville, Daniel Suarez, who made history last race weekend at Sonoma by becoming the first ever Mexican to win a cup race will be eying to reaped that in Nashville, and he will be in the best position to do so with the P5 start at the race.

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Find out what Daniel Suarez had to say about how the Next-Gen cars facilitated his playoff entry

daniel suarez
Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez acknowledged that its very cool to see what is happening in the playoffs right now as he credits the Next-Gen cars for that. He went on to say that the new cars have rally changed he game with the way it works and how teams approach races. He pointed out that the Next-Gen cars have level the playing field as every team has the same tools at their disposal. Daniel Suarez he really enjoys the competition and added that the recent strong outings has made it more fun for him.

“I think that it’s very cool to see what is happening in the playoffs right now. I feel like a big reason for this is the Next Gen car. These Next Gen cars really came to the game to change everything. The way that we work, the way that we approach things. Everyone is out there playing with pretty much the same tools and we’re seeing those results on track. You never know who’s going to be competitive. It can be a Chevy; it can be anyone really. That’s fun and I really enjoy that. Maybe I’m a little biased because we’ve been strong lately, but it’s been a lot of fun,” Daniel Suarez said.

Daniel Suarez went on to say that he is full on concentrated about this weekends race at Nashville and less focused on the Road America Race of the coming weekend as he likes to take it one day at a time. He added that he believes they are in a good spot right now in terms of being in contention for wins in races and shred his optimism of putting himself in the same position as he is now as the season approches playoffs.

For me, I really try to focus on one week at a time. There is nothing I can do about Road America right now or the following race. I’m trying to put all my focus into Nashville. I take it one day at a time. I feel like we’re in a good spot. I believe that we can actually contend for more wins before the playoffs start, so hopefully, we can do that and put ourselves in a better position for the last few months of the season in the playoffs,” Daniel Suarez added.

Daniel Suarez went on to say that though there hasn’t been that much of an influence his win had in his confidence he acknowledged that it sure does gave him a bit of relief and relaxation. He said that he is happy on now not bothered about answering dumb questions regarding his winless runs. Suarez added that he has been able to transfer the confidence he had on winning races to everyone else around his as they also now believe he have a shot at wins, adding he likes to keep it that way.

Honestly, the people that know me, they would tell me that I’m very confident before or after the win. The reality is the biggest change for me is just that I feel relief. I feel more relaxed. I feel that now, I don’t have to answer that dumb question of, ‘When are you going to win?’ I feel like I got that one out of the way, but I do feel more relief,” says Daniel Suarez.

Confidence-wise, honestly, I feel just as confident right now as I did two months ago. I knew that I could win races. Now, the only difference is that everyone knows that other than just me. Hopefully, we can carry that over and get a few more,” added Daniel Suarez.

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