“He’s earned the right to ask for a lot of money, but if the market won’t bear…,” Kyle Petty opens up on Kyle Busch’s contract situation 

“He’s earned the right to ask for a lot of money, but if the market won’t bear…,” Kyle Petty opens up on Kyle Busch’s contract situation 

Kyle Busch and Kyle Petty

Kyle Busch has been the best driver in the NASCAR cup series to have represented the Toyota and has been the most successful one also with his 60 race wins, and two incredible championship wins. The records and milestones the veteran achieved in his Joe Gibbs Racing spell have definitely put him in the Hall of Fame conversation whenever he retires.

But, right now, the situation isn’t all that smooth or favorable for Busch and JGR, as they might be on the way to losing the luxury of having one of the best in NASCAR with them. Kyle Busch’s long-time sponsor “M&M,” announced their exit from NASCAR in 2023, putting JGR in a tough situation to come up with an efficient replacement which they are yet to do, putting the contract extension tasks to an indefinite halt.

Now Kyle Petty, son of NASCAR GOAT Richard Petty, a successful racer himself, has come forth to express his thoughts and concerns over Kyle Busch’s contract situation in his NBC talk show “Countdown to Green pre-race show” for Watkins Glen. Kyle Petty revealed his opinion on how the market price of Busch is making the contract situation complicated.  

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Find out what Kyle Petty said

Kyle Petty
Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty acknowledged that Busch earned the right to ask for much money but reminded us that the market wouldn’t bear such liability. He added that though NASCAR is a sport, at the end of the day, it is a business, and sometimes one has to make sacrifices.

He’s earned the right to ask for a lot of money, but if the market won’t bear it, tough stuff, dude. It’s like that in any business. This is a business. It’s a sport this afternoon, but it’s a business every other day. Sometimes you have to compromise. You have to look different,” Kyle Petty said.

Kyle Petty went on to say that the Kyle Busch situation is a cautionary tale for every young racer as you are worth only as much as the market values you, regardless of your wins. He pointed out that irrespective of how many races Busch has won, he still has to do stuff on the track.

This should be a cautionary tale for every young race car driver out there. You’re only worth what the market will bear. No matter how many races you win. This guy’s won 60 races and two championships. No matter what you do as a winner, you’ve got to do stuff off the race track,” Kyle Petty added.

Kyle Petty went on to say that with the changing times, Busch has to come up with compromises and changes. He added that Kyle Busch now has to factor in his and his family’s concerns and come up with a compromised solution that works for him and the team he is going to race for.

And the times are changing. You have to change with it. He’s going to have to compromise a little bit. He’s going to have to look a little bit different. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. You’ve got to be away from home sometimes. That’s the nature of the business of being a race car driver. And I hate to be blunt like that, but he’s got to compromise from where he’s at and figure out what works for him and his family and for the sport as long as he wants to drive a race car,” Kyle Petty explained.

Will Kyle Busch stays with JGR for 2023?

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