“I thought it was a neat idea to share the guitar with the whole team,” when Kyle Busch mercilessly smashed the guitar trophy after winning at Nashville back in 2009

Kyle Busch reportedly showed no remorse after heartlessly destroying a guitar trophy following his victory at Nashville back in 2009.

kyle busch
Kyle Busch smashes the trophy after winning at Nashville in 2009

Kyle Busch who currently competes as a full-time NASCAR Cup Series driver driving the No.18 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing made the headlines back in 2009 after upsetting most of the crowd and many NASCAR officials after smashing the guitar trophy handed over to him as he won the Federated Auto Parts 300 at Nashville Superspeedway back in 2009, he soon faced backlash following his actions which were later misinterpreted by many fans and officials.

The trophy was apparently worth $25,000 and was hand-painted by the famous artist Sam Bass he apparently designed the paint schemes for Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jeff Gordon and while most drivers would’ve handled it with care and show it off in a much normal fashion, Kyle Busch had other thoughts when he decided to smash the trophy in a rockstar like way and celebrate his trip to Victory Lane which surprised many fans and Sam Bass himself who stood a few feet away and watched this happen.

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“The guys that were all on my team got a piece; I got a piece,” Kyle Busch remained unapologetic after demolishing the trophy

kyle busch
Kyle Busch celebrates Federation Auto Parts 300 victory moments before smashing the trophy

Kyle Busch appeared pretty remorseless with his actions after taking the whole NASCAR world by shock following his actions of destroying the Nashville Superspeedway 2009 trophy to pieces he said that it drew everyone’s attention and he wanted to do it in an iconic way which ended up being horrible for him and he thought of it as a way to share the trophy with his team.

“It certainly drew the ire of the fans. It is what it is. I thought it was a neat idea to share the guitar with the whole team, in the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll: smash it up, bang it up, whatever. It didn’t quite go according to plan in breaking. Gibson makes an awfully strong guitar,” said Kyle Busch.

However, these actions of his took everyone by utter shock and few were infuriated by them with Nashville Superspeedway’s track announcer Joe Williams being one among them who said that it was straight disrespect to the officials but he wasn’t aware of the fact that it was not Busch’s intention at that time and Kyle Busch later made up to everyone by ordering replicas of the guitar and donating a huge amount of money to concerts in Nashville.

“Most of us took that as a middle finger, He didn’t mean it that way. Nobody knew that at the moment,” said Joe Williams.

He further added by saying that every crew member of his team got a piece of the trophy and that was his primary intention as he wanted to share it with the team he concluded by saying that he still has it in the case and that he is all set to win another one at the upcoming Cup Series race at Nashville Superspeedway and looks forward to adding it to his collection in whole this time.

“The guys that were all on my team got a piece; I got a piece, there’s still that in the trophy case. I am ready for another one. That would certainly be cool to add to the trophy case again with a Cup Series trophy,” concluded Kyle Busch.

After a debatable series of events in 2009, will Kyle Busch relive those moments by winning the race at Nashville Superspeedway 10 years later?

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