‘I’ve had one of my best years in the car in the Cup Series this year,’ Bubba Wallace remains positive amidst his 2022 struggles

Find out what Bubba Wallace has to say about how he performed in the No:23 car so far this season

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace hit the Daytona 500 in the 2022 season beginner with full of confidence from his first career Cup Win in Talladega last year and had an amazing beginning as well finishing P2 in the race just behind the winner Austin Cindric. Since then, Bubba Wallace is yet to make a convincing run in his 23X1 Racing No:23 car as unfortunate incidents and mistakes overshadowed his on-track heroics.

Bubba Wallace now sits P21 on the championship table as failed to convert his top 10 pole starts to top 10 finishes. Bubba Wallace is yet to finish top 10 after Daytona and has secured  5 Top 29 finishes in the rest 10 races other than Daytona. He will start the upcoming Sunday’s race on P17, behind his teammate veteran Kurt Busch will start the race at P6 in the same car, the ad will be hoping to secure a top 10 finish at Darlington.

Now Bubba Wallace has come forth acknowledging he feels like the 2022 season has been one of the best he had in the Cup Series.

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Find out what Bubba Wallace said

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace said about in 75% of the last 11 races this year so far, they were the car that was positioned between 10th to 12th in the race but they didn’t get an opportunity to gain from that using Wallace’s one of the main strengths which are restarts. He went on to say that he believes personally 2022 has been one of his best years in the Cup mentally saying together and said he has changed his giving up mentality in times of hiccups to fighting till the end mentality the season which wasn’t the case years before.

We’ve had 11 races this year and I would say close to 75% of those races, in debriefs, I’m talking about how we were a 10th to 12th place car. If we get a late restart where we’re running 10th, we’re probably going to pick off some spots. Restarts are one of my strengths so we just never have given ourselves a chance at the end of the race, and that’s important for us,Bubba Wallace said.

I feel like, personally, I’ve had one of my best years in the car in the Cup Series this year, just mentally staying together. We have those moments where it’s a loose wheel or I mess up on the track or pit road and it’s like, OK, you can either fold or continue to push on and last year or years prior it would be, ‘We’re done. We’ll finish wherever we finish. I’ll still scrap for whatever spot we were in,’ says Bubba Wallace.

He went on to say the frustrating part of the season so far has been for him is the fact that he isn’t able to secure results for the efforts he is putting in as he is yet to take every piece of the puzzle together.

That’s the frustrating part because I feel like I’ve made a step up and put in that effort and the results aren’t there, so it takes every piece of the puzzle to make things right,” Bubba Wallace added.

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