“Just trying to get that first win and we’ll keep grinding,” Austin Dillon on his winless run as he hopes for a playoff entry

“Just trying to get that first win and we’ll keep grinding,” Austin Dillon on his winless run as he hopes for a playoff entry

Austin Dillon

With 17 rounds of cup racing and 12 different winners, the 2022 NASCAR cup series is quickly closing in on the end of the regular season, and the playoffs. The series will hit Road America on the coming Sunday and will be seeing some fireworks as the competition comes to a close. The coming races are most important to the drivers who are winless but remain at the top of the Championship table as the game-changer Next-Gen cars have enabled any driver on his day to get a win and secure his chances for the playoffs.

Austin Dillon, the No:3 Chevy Camaro ZL1 driver of Richard Childress Racing, is among the winless drivers this season who came close to a win more than just once only to see it slip away. The 30-year-old who is chasing his 4th career cup win is in dire need of a win to place himself in the championship playoff just like his teammate Tyler Reddick. Now Dillon has come forth expressing their opinion on this matter.


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Find out what Austin Dillon said  

austin dillon
Austin Dillon with his wife Whitney Ward Dillon

Austin Dillon said that he believes he had a pretty strong season so far with some close calls for the win as he finished second or third multiple times so far this season, especially in Charlotte. He added that they have been really good in the point position but acknowledged that with a lot of individual winners this year, 12 to be exact, they are more focused on getting a win that can assure them a playoff spot.

“I think we’ve had a pretty strong season. We’ve had some second-place finishes, a third, and been so close to winning at Charlotte. Other than getting our win, we’ve been in the position of a really good point. So, a lot of winners this year. So that’s what it’s really all about in NASCAR right now when it comes to playoffs. So, we’re focused on trying to get a win,” Austin Dillon said.  


Austin Dillon went on to say about this newest TV reality show, in which he stars alongside his wife, and how it has covered some of his strong runs this year. He reiterated that he was so close to a win in Charlotte and Fontana as they came up short with those opportunities. He points out that they have had some really good runs and a  good season so far.

But the cool part during the show, we’ve had some really good runs while the show is following us. And you can watch our progress throughout the race and see how we gain. And oh, so close at Charlotte and same with Fontana. So, a couple of opportunities that we came up just short on. But all in all, we’ve had some good runs this year at the June cup,” Austin Dillon added.

Austin Dillon went on to say that he believes his team is just as strong as any other team at the grid just short of a win.  He claimed that if he can get a win in the race, he might be able to perform well in the playoffs. Dillon added that they will keep grinding for a win and will take advantage of the situation they are in right now in the cup series.


I think our team is as strong as any team out there if we can just get that first win off our backs for this season. If we do that, I feel like we can perform at all the tracks that are in the playoffs. So, just trying to get that first win and we’ll keep grinding, and working hard. And I think we put ourselves in a position we’ll take advantage of it,” Austin Dillon explained.

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