WATCH: Kevin Harvick gets reigning F1 Champion Max Verstappen’s helmet as a retirement gift

Kevin Harvick finished the 2023 season in 13th place.

WATCH: Kevin Harvick gets reigning F1 Champion Max Verstappen’s helmet as a retirement gift

Kevin Harvick and Max Verstappen (Via IMAGO)

As the engines roared for one final hurrah at the Phoenix Raceway, NASCAR bid adieu to the legendary Kevin Harvick, capping off an extraordinary career with a signature top-10 finish. In some poetic way, Red Bull’s F1 driver, Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion, extended a heartfelt retirement gift – a race-worn helmet – to the NASCAR icon.

Verstappen’s gesture transcended the boundaries of racing disciplines, solidifying the unique camaraderie that exists among motorsport elites. The link between the two was bridged by Mobil 1, the official lubricant partner of both Oracle Red Bull Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR), fostering a winning legacy in Formula 1 and NASCAR.


Harvick was presented with the helmet by the Mobi 1 team, and his happiness was clearly visible. The helmet featured the Dutch Lion on the top, a 2023 regular design. Mobil 1’s association with Red Bull Racing dates back to 2017, providing crucial lubricant technology and engineering support. Verstappen, securing championships in 2021 and two consecutive victories thereafter, attests to the triumphant partnership. 

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Kevin Harvick won his maiden title in the Cup Series under the Mobil1 partnership

Harvick’s journey, intertwined with Mobil 1 since 2011 through SHR, marks an era of NASCAR dominance. Mobil 1’s lubricant technology and engineering expertise were pivotal in SHR’s multiple series championships, propelling Harvick to his sole NASCAR Cup Series title in 2014. The Mobil 1 impact is evident in Harvick’s iconic career and SHR’s ascent to becoming one of NASCAR’s premier teams.

Kevin Harvick with Mobil 1 sponsorship
Kevin Harvick with Mobil 1 sponsorship (Credits: Beyond The Flag)

Max Verstappen’s parting gift to Harvick, a signed, race-worn helmet, is a token of respect from the Dutchman towards the former NASCAR champion. The helmet encapsulates the mutual respect between racing luminaries from different realms. In a poignant moment, Harvick’s son, Keelan, had the privilege of donning the cherished gift and was seen taking pictures with it, albeit it was too loose for him. 

As Harvick took his final laps around the Phoenix Raceway, the Mobil 1 connection emerged as the unifying force, threading the stories of two racing legends. Verstappen’s gift, a tangible token of appreciation, emphasized the personal touch in motorsport. Ryan Blaney won the title in the end, capping off an amazing season. 

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