Kyle Busch admits he has to fix his race craft and stop over-trying to thrive in the Next-Gen era

Kyle Busch is currently on P12 in the standings.

Kyle Busch admits he has to fix his race craft and stop over-trying to thrive in the Next-Gen era

Kyle Busch (Via IMAGO)

Kyle Busch has not been having the best season so far. Currently sitting on P12 in the standings, it will be very difficult for him to advance to the R-8 in the Playoffs. Busch claimed that with most of the racing parameters being equal for all the teams now, it has gotten very hard for him to overtake the driver in front of him.

Busch’s six DNFs this season prove he still has a lot of work to do. His crash at Texas last weekend also put him in the toughest spot for advancement to R-8. He said that he is not a very patient person, something that the races are requiring now more than ever.


“That, I guess, has kind of been a bit of my demise. Me over-trying has sort of hurt my racecraft, if you will, where I haven’t been finishing, frankly. With me and this Next Gen car, look at how many times I’ve spun out and crashed. I still got some work to do on figuring that out,” Busch told Fox Sports.

Issues regarding overtaking in the next-gen cars have been discussed several times this season. Prominent figures like Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin have all raised their concerns regarding the car’s aerodynamics and how they are losing the ability to follow one another closely.

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Kyle Busch reveals his future in the Truck Series after the sale of KBM

Kyle Busch recently sold his team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, to Spire Motorsports in a multi-million dollar deal. Having started in 2010, Busch led KBM into one of the most dominant teams in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. During the press conference at Talladega, Busch talked about the sale and what lies ahead of him in the Truck Series.

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch (Credits: Speedway Digest)

Busch said that he was no longer able to devote enough time and attention to KBM. With growing family responsibilities, as well as his Cup career, he figured it was time to sell KBM. Busch also took the opportunity to announce that he will still be involved with Spire Motorsports on a consulting level and will still race with them.

“So excited about the future of it, and, you know, kind of here to announce also that I will still be involved with Spire Motorsports on the Truck Series level and still be a consultant. Also still run my… Truck Series races with our amazing partners,” said Busch.


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