Kyle Busch wanted Denny Hamlin to confront Ross Chastain instead of Noah Gragson at Kansas

Kyle Busch is a tern believer that the incident between Chastain and Gragson needed to happen.

Kyle Busch wanted Denny Hamlin to confront Ross Chastain instead of Noah Gragson at Kansas

Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and Ross Chastain

Trackhouse Racing driver Ross Chastain landed a clean right hook on rookie Noah Gragson after a heated confrontation. Gragson didn’t get a chance to fight back as the NASCAR security intervened just after the first blow. The Cup garage had a mixed reaction to the incident. While they agree with the youngster for confronting Chastain, some feel he went a little overboard.


Richard Childress Racing driver Kyle Busch has given his thoughts on the incident when asked about it in the Darlington pre-race press conference. Busch was once an aggressive driver and has also traded blows with his opponents. The two times Cup champion believes the confrontation should have happened, and there is no doubt about that.

He jokingly said he would have liked to see his former teammate Deny Hamlin confronting Chastain.  The JGR and Trackhouse drivers have been sharing a big rivalry since 2022. Busch said, “Did that need to happen afterwards? Yeah, I don’t know if Noah (Gragson) was the right guy (laughs). I think Denny (Hamlin) has more reasons to do that,”.

Busch added that Gragson confronted last year’s Cup championship runner-up because he was frustrated with becoming a victim of aggressive driving. He said, “But Noah obviously wanted to show his frustration, and I think Noah had a somewhat similar philosophy as I did, where it’s like the same guy all the time. I’m not going to take that crap and go up to him and confront him,”.  


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Kyle Busch demands hockey rules in NASCAR as he feels the security intervened too quick

Kyle Busch Martinsville
Kyle Busch

Busch while talking about the incident, said that the security denied the LEGACY MC driver the opportunity to hit back by separating them too quickly.  He said giving the No:42 a chance to hit back would have been the right thing. The former JGR driver said that NASCAR should have hockey rules that the ref doesn’t intervene unless someone hits the ground. He added that it would also help to increase TV ratings as well.

“I feel like security stepped in about 10 seconds too quickly. You let one guy get a hell of a hit, and then you block the other guy from getting a hit back. At least let the guy try and then maybe get one in. I would seriously urge NASCAR to go with some hockey rules…it’s going to be way better for TV, and ratings are going to go off the charts,” said Kyle Busch.