“More challenging to overtake and more challenging to make mistakes,” Austin Cindric on why the Next-Gen cars outing in Road America produced no cautions

Find out what Austin Cindric had to say about the caution-free race that was produced by Next-Gen cars in Road America and his run there

Austin Cindric
Austin Cindric

NASCAR hit the Wisconsin Road America track last Sunday which saw the No:8 car of Tyler Reddick visiting the victory lane for the first in his 92 starts in the cup series with Richard Childress Racing. Tyler Reddick was able to hold on to the lead in the last 16 laps against Chase Elliott, the defending winner, as the intense front stretch dual among the rival saw them finishing with a big gap from the rest of the field.

One among many reasons that did make the 4.048 miles race less entertaining is the fact that it hadn’t produced any natural caution alluding to the fact that there was a less wheel-to-wheel battle, which should be the highlight of road courses, in the race. When the Xfinity Series on Saturday produced intense close-quarter racing and, well some big wrecks the cup race event was awkwardly quiet.

The race outing for Team Penske and all the Ford outfits was a good one as they were able to place four of their cars in the Top 10 of which three are Penske drivers. Austin Cindric, the rookie of the year contender has been showing some good outings in the road courses this season which he continued with a P7 finish at the track. Now he has come forth talking about his race outing and the lack of cautions.  

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Find out what Austin Cindric said

Austin Cindric
Austin Cindric

Austin Cindric when asked was he surprised by the fact that there wasn’t any caution said he had a mixed feeling about it and went on to say that some of the things about the Next-Gen car make it hard to make mistakes and to overtake. He added that there was some really close racing from some cars which called for strategic plans and pointed out that though there was some separation from the leaders at the end it was a good race regarding the fact that there were some comers and goers there.

“It does and it doesn’t. I feel like some of the things about this car certainly make it more challenging to overtake and more challenging to make mistakes. I feel like there are a lot of cars that were really close and strategy was important and tire falloff was important. You get separation but you still have comers and goers, which is what this track is all about,” says Austin Cindric.


Austin Cindric went on to say that the lack of caution is also due to the fact that the cars are so high on the ground that it cants even get stuck in the gravel and added that the race was a sure physical one saying “Unless somebody gets stuck in the gravel trap, I guess these cars are so high off the ground that you probably aren’t going to get stuck as you would before. It was definitely a physical day and always great to come up here,”.

Austin Cindric, talking about his race outing,  said that he still loves the track though the racing could have been better. He points out that they had a really good outing and were able to make their way up the field after staying out for stage points. He added that he should have gotten the stage one win if not for the mistakes that came him.

“I still love this race track. I wish we would have been a little bit better. It felt like we had a really solid day and were able to make our way through the field after staying out for stage points. I wish we could have gotten that stage win. I feel like I was probably a mistake away by myself in that first stage to get that win so that one is on me,” Austin Cindric said.

Austin Cindric went on to say that it was really a solid weekend for the team and he is happy about their three top 10s, which is the third one in a row in three different tracks.  He went on to say that they will keep moving forward with the top 10s and are looking for ways to convert that solid outings to wins.

Otherwise, it was a really solid weekend by the team. I am happy with three top-10s in a row on three different styles of race tracks and am proud of that. We will keep moving forward top-10s and figure out what we need to have race-winning speed in these places but we were really solid and some days that is all you can ask for,” Austin Cindric added.

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