Ross Chastain had to learn ‘how not to wreck race cars’ in 2022

Ross Chastain signed a multi-year contract extension with Trackhouse Racing ahead of the 2023 Daytona 500.

Ross Chastain had to learn ‘how not to wreck race cars’ in 2022

Ross Chastain (@Trackhouse/Twitter)

The No:1 Trackhouse Racing Chevy Camaro ZL1 driver Ross Chastain had his break-out NASCAR season in 2022. He finished the season as the championship runners-up behind Joey Logano, scoring two wins and trooping the top 10s chart. The watermelon man also made history with his now-banned Martinsville wall ride to secure the championship four entry.

Chastain was given a championship-worthy car for the first time in his NASCAR career in 2022, and he took the opportunity with both hands. Known for his aggressive racing style Chastain was prone to wrecking his or rivals’ cars during the races. But he was forced to unlearn certain bold moves as the supply chain issues in the post Covid-19 era limited the vehicles available for teams.

Unlike the 2022 season, the No:1 team has had a strong start. He had a solid LA Clash outing and finished the season opener Daytona 500, leaving few laps in the process, unlike 2022, where he crashed out. The cup garage visits the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana this weekend. He finished P28 at the 2 miles last season due to a crash and took it upon himself to optimize his style to minimize the risk of wrecking while not compromising productivity.  

“I thought I better figure out how not to wreck race cars. It was such a tough way to start the year last year. The car supply was limited then, and I wrecked two that weekend. I’m so happy we could regroup, and everybody continued to believe in me. We got the ship righted and went on to get a couple of wins and have a shot at a championship. That was awesome. I certainly lived through all kinds of emotions last year,” Chastain said, comparing his 2022 ACS outing and the end of the season.

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Ross Chastain feels positive about his start to the 2023 season

Justin Marks and Ross Chastain
Justin Marks and Ross Chastain

Ross Chastain, I am pleased with the start of the season compared to the first two races of his Trackhouse debut season. He was happy with the finish in the LA exhibition and the Great American Race. Chastain expects a good result though he is concerned about the adverse weather predicted.

Making the main event at the Clash was an improvement over last year and I have to say that not destroying a car at Daytona and finishing the race felt great. Looks like the weather will be pretty challenging for us this weekend, but I’m looking forward to a less eventful weekend this year at Auto Club compared to last year. I’m focused with the great group of people around me and it’s been a good start to the season so far,” said Ross Chastain.

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