‘The draft will be a little more relevant here,’ Chase Briscoe on his debut at the upcoming All-Star Race at Texas

Find out what Chase Briscoe had to say about his hopes for this weekend’s All-Star Race at Texas Motor speedway

Chase Briscoe
Chase Briscoe win at Ruoff Mortgage 500, Phoenix

NASCAR will hit the Texas Motors Speedway next weekend for the upcoming All-Star race where 32 of the finest cup drivers will go all out in the 1.5-mile oval for the one-million-dollar prize. The drivers will have to face the one-lane dominant track which offers less speed than other lanes in their efforts to win the race,

Defending Champion and reigning Cup champion Kyle Larson will be the favorite going to the race whereas veteran Kevin Harvick will have a chance for redemption this season as he is yet to get back to the top in his Next-Gen car as he won the All-Star race twice.  The Toyota teams who put on a dominating run last race at Kansas will also be in the run for a win at Texas.

Stewart Hass Racing No:14 Ford Mustang driver Chase Briscoe will have his debut All-Star Race run at Texas as the Phoenix Cup Race winner will hoping to get back to the top 10 after his P9 finish at Martinsville. Now the 28 years old has come forth expressing his opinion on the coming All-Star race.   

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Find out what Chase Briscoe said

chase briscoe
Chase Briscoe

Chase Briscoe claims that the one and a half miles has been good for him so far this year but Texas is kind of its own animal. He went on to say that he sees Texas as one lane-dominant track compared to others where drivers have the freedom to drive through the middle, grove, or the bottom. So, Chase Briscoe expects the race to be a bit different as there will not be many options to get in clean air.

“I would agree that the mile-and-a-halves have been really good this year. Texas is kind of its own unique animal. The other mile-and-a-halves we’ve ran they all have multiple grooves where you can run all over the place. You can run up by the wall. You can run the middle. You can run on the bottom, where Texas is definitely a lot more one-lane dominant, so it’ll be a little bit of a different race just from that standpoint because there are not as many options to go and get in clean air,” Chase Briscoe said.

He went on to say that the draft will be more relevant in Texas and added that he doesn’t expect drivers to search around for lanes. Chase Briscoe added that though he doesn’t believe the race going to be much harder in general it will be an interesting race. He went on to add that it will be interesting to see how the next-gen car will address the two extreme entries in lane one which is extremely fast and the other which isn’t.

“I think the draft will be a little more relevant here just because of the speeds and everything else. I don’t think you’ll see guys really searching around for lanes as much just because I do think it’s gonna be a lot harder with this car in general at Texas, but also just how the racetrack is. It’ll be interesting,” Chase Briscoe added.

“It’s two totally different ends. You have the one end that’s really slow and kind of flat on entry and then you have the other end that’s extremely fast in one lane and pretty close to Wide open, so just how the car handles in both of those corners is totally different and it’ll be interesting to see how this Next-Gen car reacts to that,” says Chase Briscoe.

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