Tyler Reddick claims the Martinsville test run “was a tough test” as “the three cars laid more rubber than the entire race” last time at the track

Find out what Tyler Reddick had to say about the outcomes of the Martinsville test race he ran with Kyle Busch and Austin Cindric

Tyler Reddick
Tyler Reddick

NASCAR will hit the Nashville Superspeedway on Sunday for the 17th round of cup racing following the mid-season break following the Sonoma Road course. The Superspeedway will surely be a test for the drivers as with just 10 races reaming in the regular season and a handful of playoff spots left for taking, drivers will be going all out for the all-important win that can mark their places. With more than 12 winners taking up the sport in the playoffs it will be hard for a winless driver to get the mark.

Going into the superspeedway the teams have some data coming their way from the test runs that were done in Martinsville, such as Joe Gibbs racing driver Kyle Busch, Austin Cindric of Team Penske Racing, and Richard Childress Racing driver Tyler Reddick, who is the only driver in the pack that lack a win this season, in fact in NASCAR career itself. The tire test was done using multiple compounds and the test was undertaken using a plastic underbody.

The tire compound test was proven to be not that much of a difference-maker as all the manufactures cars performed at the same level but when it came to the underbody run Team Penske car was seen to have a good run over the fellow participants. Now Tyler Reddick has come forth expressing his thoughts on how the test run has played out for him as he gets himself ready to hit the track running in Nashville.

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Find out what Tyler Reddick had to say about the Martinsville test run

tyler reddick
Tyler Reddick

Tyler Reddick acknowledged that the test was a tough run for him as the whole setting and weather circumstances turned out to be tough for them. He added that the test and the early season race had a huge difference when it was compared. He pointed out that the tire test using different compounds showed more rubber burned compared to the entire race last March.

“It was a tough test. Just with the setting and the circumstances with the weather. You know, we raced there when it felt like it was in the 40s or right around there and we went back and tested and it was in the 90s. So, the control tire that we raced on in March laid plenty of rubber. But the three cars laid more rubber than the entire race,” Tyler Reddick said.

Tyler Reddick went on to say that the different tire combinations all seemed to work pretty though the car had plenty of mechanical grips. He added that it just doesn’t seem like the car had enough power for the grip which might force errors from drivers which will eventually end in rear tires finishing soon. He added that the spot the car has been in the test run didn’t seem like will affect the tire managing strategy which has been part of NASCAR races there for a long time.

The different tire combinations all seemed to work pretty well, but it seems like the car is in this weird spot where it’s got plenty of mechanical grips, but it just doesn’t seem like we have enough power for the grip we have in the tires for in the driver’s seat to make the mistake of burning the rear tires off and making throttle and tire management a part of the Martinsville game that I think has been a part of it since I have been driving in Trucks or watching the Cup races. So, that is an interesting spot that we are in,” Tyler Reddick added.

Tyler Reddick went on to say that he isn’t sure about where the underbody stuff came from but definitely helped the situation though the racing product was missed a bit saying “I am not sure where we came away from that, but the underbody stuff that was tried certainly helped the situation. We are just missing the racing product a little bit”

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