Tyler Reddick reveals a scary issue involving foam that could have turned deadly in Texas  

Find out what Tyler Reddick had to say about the scary incident in Texas while traveling at 190mph.

Tyler Reddick
Tyler Reddick

Texas Motor Speedway hosted one of the most disappointing races of the season last Sunday. The start of Round 12 was a chaotic mess. The cars faced multiple issues, prompting scary crashes and wrecks. If not for the lack of drivers on the grid, things could have been far worse.

Tyler Reddick was one of the drivers who was heavily favored by luck. The No:8 RCR driver was able to overcome a loose wheel and other similar issues with the car. His trip to victory lane was also favored by the poor day the playoff drivers had and the conservative tire strategy the team employed.

Tyler Reddick in his post-race interview revealed that he encountered a scary issue with his car while driving at 190 mph. Reddick was able to resolve the issue fast. If Reddick had failed to address the matter it could have prompted a wreck or crash.

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Find out what Tyler Reddick said

Tyler Reddick
Tyler Reddick win’s the Texas Playoff race

Tyler Reddick revealed that his door foam came unglued mid-race. The foam then got stuck between his hand ad the steering wheel. It made the car hard to control and it went flying up the race track. It was an odd incident, considering the day was warm till then.

It was a warm day. For whatever reason, the door foam came unglued. The next thing I know, I’m driving into Turn 1, and the door foam fell over, and I’m trying to turn my hands to turn the steering wheel, and the door foam was in my hands and in my wheel so I couldn’t really turn the steering wheel and I went flying up the race track,” Tyler Reddick said.

Tyler Reddick pointed out that the fallen foam affected the smoothness of his steering control. He said, “I was kind of fighting a loose handling condition. I could somewhat turn the wheel but as soon as something had kind of fallen over into my hands I couldn’t be as smooth as I needed to be. I was worried I was going to spin out trying to steer through it falling over,”.

Tyler Reddick added that his effort to throw the foam over the right side of the car backfired as it got stuck right in front of his face. He pointed out that the team was able to fix the issue during the lighting delay. It was trapped back to the left side in the break.

It fell over. I grabbed it and tried to throw it over to the right side of the car. It got stuck right in front of my face going down the front straightaway, which was not good. But I got it over to the right side eventually and then under that lightning delay we were able to get it back out from the right side of the car and fix it and really got it taped to the left side of the car and it didn’t come loose again,” Tyler Reddick explained.

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