‘We don’t need teenagers at this level,’ Brad Keselowski doesn’t want to see Ty Gibbs racing in the cup series

Brad Keselowski is not satisfied with the severity of Ty Gibbs’s penalty. He doesn’t see teenagers as a good fit to race in the cup series.

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski and Ty Gibbs

Ty Gibbs found himself in hot water recently for his on-track aggression. The 23X1 Racing driver caused a near-death situation last weekend in Texas. NASCAR penalized the younger by docking the team 25 championship points. He was also fined $75,000.

Ty Gibbs invited the penalty for his retaliation efforts at Ty Dillon. Kurt Buschs substitute tried to door slam the latter, putting the life of a NASCAR official who was beside Dillon’s car in danger. Ty Gibbs is infamous for his aggressive nature in the Xfinity series. But the youngster won’t do any good for him or the team if he employs the same tactics in the cup series.

Gibbs has made some new critics with his actions. Former cup champion Brad Keselowski is one of them. The veteran, though, is not surprised by Gibbs’s antics pointed out that a teenager doesn’t belong to the cup series.

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Find out what Brad Keselowski said

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski said that Ty Gibbs is committing mistakes at the biggest stage of NASCAR and it is a difficult situation. He pointed out that he isn’t mad at Gibbs as at this age he also did such dumb things. Keselowski added that the cup series is not the stage for teenagers to learn from their mistakes.

Ultimately, what I see here is a teenage kid who is working his way through it. He’s making mistakes on the biggest stage in our sport, and it’s a really difficult situation. I can’t be mad at Ty. I did a lot of dumber things when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t at this stage. So, this goes to a bigger problem of why we don’t need teenagers at this level because this is not the place to learn those lessons,” Brad Keselowski said.

Brad Keselowski went on to say that the penalty given to Gibbs wasn’t severe enough. He wanted NASCAR to suspend the younger ones from competing for at least a race. He wants the organization to send a clear message that the pit crew and officials should be safe from such aggression.

I think this penalty is not severe enough. I think we’re to the point now where, when you have the body of work that Ty Gibbs has here, it’s time to take a race off and send a strong message here, ‘We’re not doing this on pit road, guys.’ These people have families. They’re exposed to being hit by a car at 50 mph. And it’s not just crew members. It’s officials too. This has to stop right now,” Brad Keselowski added.

Do you agree with Brad Keselowski?

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