Why did Kaulig Racing demote AJ Allmendinger to the Xfinity Series?

AJ Allmendinger has never won a championship in any of the junior classes but won 3 races in the Cup Series.

Why did Kaulig Racing demote AJ Allmendinger to the Xfinity Series?

AJ Allmendinger (Via IMAGO)

The spotlight is currently on AJ Allmendinger as he’s gearing up for a full-time return to the Xfinity Series in 2024. No longer confined to the stratosphere of Cup racing, Allmendinger is set to pilot the No. 16 Kaulig Racing Chevrolet, bringing his prowess and panache to the track alongside teammate Josh Williams in the No. 11 Chevrolet.

Allmendinger’s triumph at the Charlotte Roval remains a pivotal moment in his career. Leading the pack for 46 laps, including the decisive final 33, he clinched victory by a whisker against runner-up William Byron. In his post-race euphoria, Allmendinger described it as “the drive of my life,” a sentiment echoed by racing enthusiasts worldwide.


While the Roval win undoubtedly sits as a jewel in Allmendinger’s racing crown, the decision to return to the Xfinity Series raises eyebrows. His deep connection with Kaulig Racing’s culture makes him a part of the family, influencing strategic decisions. Matt Kaulig, the team owner, sheds light on this choice, saying in a statement;

To Kaulig Racing, AJ is much more than the trophies he’s won or the banners he’s hung in our shop.

AJ Allmendinger was ready for any decision that was taken by the team that they found the best for all the parties involved. The champion Road Course driver believes he has a lot to offer to improve the team in the second tier.

My plans for 2024 have always been whatever Matt Kaulig and Chris Rice think is best for the team. We’ve got work to do on both our Xfinity and Cup side as we continue to grow but I think we are putting ourselves in the best position to keep improving.

The addition of teammate Josh Williams promises a dynamic collaboration on Saturdays, fostering an environment of mutual learning and racing camaraderie.


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Kaulig Racing President cites AJ Allmendinger’s passion, aggression will spur continual improvement

It’s not just about racing; it’s about pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence on both the Xfinity and Cup sides in the upcoming 2024 season. As the president of Kaulig Racing, Chris Rice aptly puts it:

We feel AJ returning full-time to our Xfinity Series program gives us the best chance to continue growing our organization as a whole. He’s passionate, he’s aggressive, and he pushes us to keep getting better.
AJ Allmendinger
AJ Allmendinger (Credits: Motorsports Wire)

Allmendinger’s return hinges on team dynamics with potential Xfinity openings at Kaulig Racing in 2024, positioning him strategically for a more comprehensive role. Acknowledging the demanding Cup Series schedule, his personal preference for a less strenuous routine, especially with impending parenthood, factors in. Financial considerations are pivotal, aligning with the team’s strategy to secure funding and explore new sponsorships, revealing a broader, strategic vision.


So, why the return to Xfinity despite an impressive Roval win? The answer lies in a mix of team dynamics, personal preferences, business considerations, and prospects. As Kaulig Racing gears up for the 2024 season, Allmendinger’s return to the Xfinity Series signifies not just a racing decision but a strategic move aligned with the team’s long-term vision. 

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