Ryan Blaney claims he is ‘lucky’ not to have arch-rival in NASCAR

Ryan Blaney doesn’t have a rival he despises in NASCAR.

Ryan Blaney claims he is ‘lucky’ not to have arch-rival in NASCAR

NASCAR President Steve Phelps gives Ryan Blaney the 2023 Cup title (Via IMAGO)

Rivalry is part of NASCAR’s storyline and over the years the fans have witnessed some of the biggest names of the sport sharing blows on the track more often. The rivalry often extends beyond the track. But the reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion Ryan Blaney has come forward claiming that he is lucky to not have an arch-rival in the sport.


Blaney won his maiden championship this season at Phoenix, after an intense battle with Trackhouse Racing’s Ross Chastain that went on multiple laps. Blaney had multiple run-ins in the past, but he was careful in making sure that none of those clashes went beyond the limit, and despite his short-fuse nature has been successful in it.

In a recent podcast appearance, the champion when asked about, who his rivals in NASCAR claimed that he luckily doesn’t have one. He pointed out that despite the run-ins he has had, he doesn’t have someone with such animosity.

I feel like I don’t, I’ve been lucky I haven’t had anyone like I really despise. Like, you’ll have kind of run ins with some guys every now and then. Some guys kind of they will hate each other for years and years. I haven’t really been that way.
Blaney said via Bussin’ With The Boys Podcast.

Ryan Blaney explains his friendly rivalry with Chase Elliott and Bubba Wallace

While he doesn’t have any heated rivalry in NASCAR, he does have a friendly one. It is with long-time friends and Cup rivals, 2020 Cup champion of Hendrick Motorsports Chase Elliott and 23XI Racing No:23 Toyota Camry driver Bubba Wallace.

Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace
Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace (Via IMAGO)

He pointed out that he always has the urge to beat his buddies with whom they have been racing together and against each other since their childhood. He also highlighted the friendship he has been sharing with Wallace since the age of ten.

I’d say more of my rivalry is like my buddies, who I grew up racing with. Like we’re and we’re all good friends you know, Chase Elliott, I, Bubba. Wallace and I we grew up together we started racing together when we were like 9-10 years old… I feel like, like that’s my rivalry is my buddies.