Trackhouse Racing seems to be ecstatic about their ‘ambitious dreams’ performance during the race at COTA

Read to know what motivates Trackhouse Racing since the beginning of the teams' inauguration

Trackhouse Racing
Ross Chastain(L), Justin Marks(C) and Daniel Suarez(R)

Trackhouse Racing is a newcomer to the sport but Ross Chastain’s victory at Circuit of the Americas last week, the win made everyone realize that this is not a team to be played with. The team co-owner, Justin Marks was ecstatic with their first victory in a Cup Series race.

NASCAR is quite literally dominated by teams like Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, but Trackhouse Racing scored a victory just after one and a half years, coming into existence. Both the teams’ drivers Ross Chastain and Daniel Suarez have been pretty impressive with their results.

“We’ll just keep fighting along and doing the best that we can,” said Trackhouse Racing co-owner, Justin Marks

Trackhouse Racing
Ross Chastain s No:1 car at COTA

Trackhouse Racing co-owner, Justin Marks had remained dedicated to making the team a big one and looks like he is close to achieving it. He said that he was always ambitious when it came to the team and that he asked people to trust in him and hop on and now all that is bearing fruits, he is also proud of their first victory and said that everyone on the team deserves a part of it.

“This was an ambitious thing to sort of dream up, and I asked a lot of people that had a lot of experience in this sport and seen a lot of teams come and go to trust me and to commit to Trackhouse,” I’m just proud of everybody that committed. Every single one of these people, they own a piece of this victory,” said Justin Marks.

He further added saying that Trackhouse Racing is an investment in its people and that he believes that the car and the drivers are the ones who make everyone feel like investing more and motivate and empower the whole team to push their boundaries and encourage them to outperform themselves each time.

“Trackhouse Racing is an investment in the people. The thing is this car – I really believed since day one that this car delivers an opportunity for these companies to feel like real teams and to really invest in teamwork, the way the Nos. 1 and the 99 (teams) work together and how everybody feels motivated and empowered,” added Justin Marks.

Trackhouse Racing
Daniel Suarez’s No.99 on the COTA

He concluded by saying that they are still in the early stages of their journey and that they still have a lot to learn with the new car and short tracks. He also said that they’ll keep fighting no matter what happens and they’re not sure where they’ll end up at the beginning of their end.

“We feel like – I don’t want to use the word ‘championship’. We just got here, so it’s like we still have a lot to learn, and we haven’t been to a short track yet. We still have a lot to learn with these race cars. We’ll just keep fighting along and doing the best that we can, and we’ll see where we end up at the beginning of the fall,” concluded Justin Marks.

Will Trackhouse Racing emerge victorious during this weeks’ race at the Richmond Raceway?

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