WATCH: Phoenix Suns’ Cam Payne out for the rest of game 3 with ankle injury

WATCH: Phoenix Suns’ Cam Payne out for the rest of game 3 with ankle injury

Camron Payne and Deandre Ayton

After losing Chris Paul in start, now Phoenix Suns are deprived of Cam Payne for the rest of today’s game. Game 3 has tilted towards the Los Angeles Clippers with a big lead towards their side, However, with players like Devin Booker being so perfect in shooting, things might change as well.  The Staples Center has come alive in support of their team. Now with LA Clippers in the lead, the fan favorite sides have changed as well.

The Phoenix Suns just got one point guard back from the sidelines, but now they lose another. Spark plug point guard Cameron Payne has been ruled out for the rest of Game 3. This exactly what the Phoenix Suns had not thought of. Cam Payne was one of the better players in the team. With a speed and shooting ability he aided the team in absence of Devin Booker. Now with him off the field, ball handling might be on toll if Chris Paul is off as well.

Injury scare with Cam Payne out for rest of Game 3

Cam Payne
Phoenix Suns

Cam Payne has done an admirable job filling in during the absence of All-Star point guard Chris Paul, who was forced out due to testing positive for COVID-19. He exits Game 3 after playing just a shade over four minutes, finishing with two points and one assist. Payne posted 11 points and nine assists during the Suns’ Game 1 win over the Clippers. Then in Game 2, he led all scorers from both sides with a monstrous 29-point performance on a terrific 12-for-24 shooting clip. He added nine assists, two steals, and two blocks as well to complete an all-around performance in the biggest game of his career thus far.

As Cam Payne leaves with a left ankle issue, Monty Williams and the Suns need to workout new plans to fit in for him. The Phoenix Suns’ have dominated opponents straight on court. Now with things tangles up it is way more difficult. Burden piles up for Devin Booker after LA Clippers take lead.

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