“Don’t play the rest of the season, you’re not there” Kendrick Perkins shares his ‘hot take’ on Russell Westbrook, orders him to sit out for remainder of 2021-22 season 

Kendrick Perkins was fired up in giving his opinion on Russell Westbrook, and he felt that the latter should miss the remainder of the season.

Kendrick Perkins with a tough suggestion for Russell Westbrook
Kendrick Perkins with a tough suggestion for Russell Westbrook

Kendrick Perkins and Russell Westbrook is a combination no one was expecting in the world of media. With the entire world standing together in order to slander Russell Westbrook for his terrible form this entire season and all of the NBA Pundits saying nasty things to say about Westbrook, Perkins has also now joined their side to some extent and has seemingly given Westbrook certain advice which the player or anyone else in his position might not really like or agree with. Perkins who was defending Westbrook against Stephen A Smith has now started to attack Westbrook with his own statements which seem to be derived out of reason to some extent.

Kendrick Perkins was in discussion with Stephen A Smith a few days ago, and in the discussion the latter felt that Westbrook doesn’t deserve to be a part of the Lakers anymore after the kind of performances he has given and the kind of statements he has made on camera in saying that he didn’t have any “expectations” from his team going into the match that they lost. Smith felt that no Lakers player should have the audacity or ability to say such things keeping in mind the fact that the legacy of the team is not of quitters but the ones who strive hard, and Westbrook seems to have given up and is doing the exact opposite.

Kendrick Perkins who was defending Westbrook that days seems to have finally chosen his side as the ex-NBA player had some piece of advice for Westbrook which seems a bit weird, but could work for him.

Kendrick Perkins asks Russell Westbrook to sit out for the remainder of the season

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins while in conversation with panelists on ESPN was asked a question about Russell Westbrook misjudging his responsibilities in the Lakers team and everything else since his arrival into the team, post which, the times haven’t been very nice for the Lakers.

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Perkins started off by saying that he knew that Westbrook was “broken” and that it was obvious for him to figure out keeping in mind the behavior and expressions of Westbrook which gave it away easily. Perkins then added on that the reason for him to be feeling such way could be the targeted attacks on his family, which is something no NBA player wants. Perkins then pointed out certain moments where Westbrook gave up mid game and didn’t move from his position, looking visibly uninterested or unenthusiastic about what was going on in the game.

Kendrick Perkins’ statements on Westbrook

Perkins said that the way things had been going for Westbrook, it would be better for him to sit out this entire season as he wasn’t mentally in there, nor in the game, nor in the Lakers’ team throughout the season. Highlighting the impact of his such performances on the matches, Perkins stated that the way things were going for Westbrook and the way he was reacting to them, it would be better for him to entirely sit out and just figure out what he needs to do as the player is being paid “over $40 million” which does put some accountability on his name.

Let us now take a closer look at the Lakers and specifically Russell Westbrook this season.

Russell Westbrook and the LA Laker

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

The LA Lakers have had a terrible signing in the form of Russell Westbrook who hasn’t been able to do what he was brought in to do, and has in fact struggled in fulfilling the basic responsibilities of a team player.

Even a few days ago, Magic Johnson pointed out that if the Lakers didn’t qualify for the playoffs, it would mean that Russell Westbrook was the worst signing in the history of the franchise. The Lakers themselves have had a terrible season and are just looking forward to somehow get into the playoffs, which at this point is a farfetched dream and nothing more than that. 

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