“Have you watched Kyrie and Harden being back” Nick Wright rules out Brooklyn Nets chance of winning Eastern Conference

While talking about the losing streak of Brooklyn Nets, Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright claimed that the Nets have no chance of winning a championship this year, seeing the situation of the team right now.

Kendrick Perkins with Kyrie Irving and James Harden
Kendrick Perkins with Kyrie Irving and James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets have tumbled in minimal over a month, going from Eastern Conference pioneers to 6th spot in the standings.

Brooklyn (29-22) is 6-13 in that range. The Nets have been without Kevin Durant, who had been a leader for the MVP award, for their beyond nine games and will continue without him for some more. They are 2-7 without their marquee player.

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Brooklynn has recently lost another game against Utah Jazz, which is the seventh game Nets lost in a row. That stretch has included misfortunes to the Minnesota Timberwolves, LA Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings.

A Bleacher Report story last week said point monitor James Harden is hesitant to expand his agreement with the establishment and likes to turn into a free specialist in the offseason. These are a portion of the Nets’ issues that have been generally answerable for their droop.

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Nick Wright blasts the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Fox Sports investigator Nick Wright demanded Brooklyn has no potential for success at winning the East, not to mention arriving at the conference finals.

“The Nets have no shot in the East. … Have you watched Harden since Kyrie’s been back? I don’t know what changed,” Wright said. “Harden looks checked out. This is barreling towards another playoff exit before you even get to the ECF. I think the Nets are in massive trouble … I don’t think Harden is happy to be there, and Kyrie has a million things.”

They come into the game in their most exceedingly terrible trench of the period, having lost seven straight games. It’s the longest losing streak they have encountered in more than two years.

The Nets are in critical need of their little forward Kevin Durant, who probably won’t be accessible until some other time in the month on account of a knee injury. The freefall has effectively harmed their push for the end of the season games, or if nothing else cultivating.

The East is firmly pressed, with little partition. Brooklyn is a simple three games behind the lead position and two games behind the fourth spot, which would give the Nets homecourt advantage at the end of the season games. Along these lines, they aren’t a long way behind, in spite of the battles of the previous month.

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