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“I Have Never Flopped in Any Game”: LeBron James Hits Out at His ‘LeFlop’ Critics

Get to know how did LeBron James react as fans called him out as 'LeFlop' ahead of the start of NBA 2021-22 Season.

LeBron James

Although LeBron James is a four-time NBA Champion and holds many of the NBA’s records against his name. Yet there is a certain section of fanatics who have derived LeBron James as ‘LeFlop’. This pertains to the time when the marquee scorer was at Miami Heat. To which now, he has hit back and has spoken about this particular section of critics most recently ahead of the start of NBA 2021-22 Season. 

There is no denying that any team consisting of LeBron James can very well fight for the championship. He is a player who can score from anywhere on the court. Moreover, LeBron James is a real handful on the defensive end as well. Entering his 19th season in the NBA, it seems there are still some fans who derive King James as ‘LeFlop’. As there have been umpteen cases caught on camera of James falling on the slightest of touches to draw fouls. 

LeBron James Speak About Not Being ‘LeFlop’ 

The NBA implemented the anti-flopping rule during the 2012-13 season to curb the unsportsmanlike behavior. When asked about the flopping accusations, LeBron James had the following to say. 

“It’s like, I don’t need to flop, I play an aggressive game. I have never been one of those guys. I don’t even know how to do it. So it’s like whatever doesn’t mean much to me.” 

Now to those who are not aware, the spoken about anti-flopping rule states that the players be warned for their first offense, followed by a fine of $5,000 for the second offense, which could go to $30,000 if the player reaches the fifth offense. In case there is a six offense in a season, the NBA can even suspend the respective player. 

Having said that, LeBron is arguably one of the greatest players to play in the 21st century as his signifies the same. But if he is not able to lead the star-studded Lakers to the championship in the 2021-22 season, safe to say there would be heaps of criticism calling him out as ‘LeFlop’, coming his way.

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