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“I needed a bodyguard” Skip Bayless blames Russell Westbrook for his horrifying death-threat experience of 2012 NBA finals

Skip Bayless shares why he was afraid to enter his hometown the Oklahoma City.

Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and James Harden

The 2012 NBA season was considered the best season for Russell Westbrook where he teamed up with Kevin Durant, James Harden and took the Oklahoma City Thunders to the NBA finals. They gave a kickstart to their playoffs by defeating the Mavericks in the first round

In the semi-final of the playoffs, the Thunders faced the Lakers which was led by Kobe Bryant, but they still crushed them by 4-1 and entered the western conference final. In finals, the Thunders were against the San Antonio Spurs who were leading the season record for winning most matches.

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

The series was quite difficult for the Thunders to win and lost their first two games, but they made a comeback and won 4 back-to-back games and confirmed their entry in the 2012 NBA finals. The final battle was between Russell Westbrook’s Thunders and the Miami Heats of LeBron James. In the end, the Heats defeated the Thunders and won the NBA title.

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Skip Bayless shares why he was afraid to enter his hometown the Oklahoma City during 2012 NBA finals

Skip Bayless

Everyone remembers the 2012 NBA final as an epic battle between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, but the co-host of the Undisputed Skip Bayless had some life-threatening experience during those games which he recently shared on Twitter with the caption, “I needed a bodyguard to return to where I grew up in Oklahoma City, my hometown, all because of Russell Westbrook.”

In the video posted on Twitter, Bayless explained that he faced a real-life death threat from the Thunder fans when he was covering the 2012 NBA finals, where he claimed that he was not safe in the city where he grew up and blamed all this on Russell Westbrook.

Bayless said, “Death threats, from Thunder fans in my hometown of Oklahoma City. Real life, hardcore death threats. I thought, legitimate death threats, but I passed them along to ESPN security, who came back to me, yeah, LEGIT! As we were about to venture into Oklahoma City, they had to hire me a bodyguard. A bodyguard who wound up being an LA cop whose primary duty was to serve and protect the Chief of Police when he went out in public.”

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Skip Bayless nasty encounter with Russell Westbrook after the first game of the 2012 NBA Finals

Bayless also talked about his encounter with Russell Westbrook after the first game of the NBA final where the Thunder won by 105-94. Bayless was annoyed by Westbrook’s reaction of staring down and smirking at him.

Skip Bayless and Russell Westbrook

Skip Bayless said, “Before the first home game that the Thunder won in dominant fashion. I did a stand-up with my partner Stephen A. Smith for one of the sport centers. As I’m debating with Stephen A. I glance sideways and guess who’s about 10 feet away smirking at me and sizing me up, it’s Russ!”

It seems that Skip Bayless will never forgive Russell Westbrook for this incident, but it also raises one question, is this incident the reason why Skip Bayless takes more digs at Westbrook and regularly criticizes him. Till now there is no response came from Russell Westbrook on these allegations by Skip Bayless.

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