Jim Jackson hints towards possible double standards in the NBA

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For over two weeks now, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving has been the biggest topic in discussion among many NBA analysts and fans. The former Rookie of the Year and NBA champion has never failed to stay away from league controversy. After the release of a new mandate, the city declared that all participants of the upcoming NBA season must be vaccinated in order to take part in home games. The Brooklyn Nets however failed to comply to the rules. Irving has always been vocal about his beliefs and stayed true to his words.

During the bubble season, the star had not attended most of the games due to “personal reasons”, during which he offered aid to the society by funding various social causes and donating $1.5 million to players of the WNBA. The 29-years-old guard took to Instagram explaining his side of the story claiming that he is not against the vaccine but he is against the fact that workers are being forced to vaccinate themselves in order to earn their bread. The star meant to say that is a violation against a citizen’s right to choose. Although one might suggest that his coach and teammates are supportive of his decision to stay true to himself and they are optimistic towards his presence on the court this season

Gilbert Arenas and Jim Jackson on Kyrie Irving’s situation

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The management of the Nets team also showed their supportive nature but had to make tough decisions moving forth into the season. Kyrie may not be a full time contributor or even a contributor at all this season as the team is focused on building a singular chemistry and maintaining it throughout the season.

Former NBA players and veterans Gilbert Arenas and Jim Jackson recently sat together to discuss on various happenings in and around the league. Jackson in response to the Kyrie Irving situation said that he understood and supported the player stance. He further commented on the situation with the team saying ,”Sean Marks’ job is to do what’s best for the organization in reasonable terms and allowing Kyrie Irving to be who he is. At the same time, I’ve got 14 other guys that I have to adhere to, to give them the best shot opportunity to win. And one guy, unless it’s Lebron, can’t out-trump, if this is Lebron, this is a whole different conversation,” said Jackson.

Arenas replied to Jackson, asking if the league would have reacted the same way if Kevin Durant were to be in place of Irving. Jackson with consideration to Kyrie’s history in the league, agreed to the statement saying it would be a different situation.

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