Lakers News: LeBron James on the verge of improving his G.O.A.T claim by overtaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the all-time scoring list

LeBron James is just a few games behind to make NBA history; hanging behind legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar
LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar

LeBron James has been a maniac in this season he is playing the game as he has just entered the league. Even at the age of 37, he is showing the skills that young players in NBA are not capable of. In this season James has averaged 29.1 PPG, 7.7 RPG, and 6.3 APG which shows his consistency in the league throughout the year.

LeBron James had made many records and even broken some of the legendary players’ records in the NBA, but now it seems that he is on the route to take over Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record of most points in both league matches and playoffs. He is just 105 points behind Kareem to become the all-time leading scorer in NBA, according to Stat Muse.

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LeBron James is just few games behind to make NBA history

LeBron James
LeBron James

The countdown has started, at King James’ current pace it is estimated that he might beat the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar and move to 1st position in just 4-5 more games. James currently was ruled out of from game against the Philadelphia 76ers due to left knee soreness, this has just delayed the history to be made and he will be back soon in bang.

According to NBA Stats Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his 20-year career scored 44,149 points combining both league matches and playoff games. He has scored 38,387 points in regular-season games and 5,762 in playoff games.

When we come to LeBron James, he is third in NBA history with 36,414 points in a regular-season game but he is leading the score table of most points in playoffs with 7,631. When we add both the figure the total is 44,045 points due to which he need only 104 points to tie and 105 to overtake Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record and become the all-time leading scorer.

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When will LeBron James overtake Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul Jabbar in regular-season game points?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone

Meanwhile, James is still 1,974 points away from overtaking Kareem in the regular season games and 514 behind Karl Malone who is the second-leading scorer in NBA. It was unimaginable that someone will ever break such legendary records but NBA’s current face has shown why he is called the King of the basketball.

It is expected that LeBron will acquire the second position in all-time leading scorer by the end of the season, and if he remains healthy and fit for next season it is sure that he will become the new all-time leader of most points in the NBA history

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