“Last time he ever gets fired as the head coach of an NBA team” Nick Wright believes Frank Vogel will never coach an NBA Team after Lakers exit

Get to know about all the latest news form the world of NBA surrounding Los Angeles Lakers and their coach Frank Vogel.

Frank Vogel
Frank Vogel

After a poor season, Los Angeles Lakers are expected to replace head coach, Frank Vogel. With the situation bound to change drastically after two painful scheduled games, Nick Wright considers it would be end of the coaching career for the 48-years old. To those who are not aware, American sports television personality and sports radio talk show host Nick write is known for his very “direct comments” and bold predictions.

While discussing the matter on “What’s Wright”, the host believed that if Lakers fire their head coach Frank Vogel after a abysmal 2021-22 season, he won’t be able to coach any NBA team. Especially after star-studded Lakers team finished the season 11th in the West with a poor 31-49 record. Now that they are certain to miss the playoff this time. As a result of which, many questions are being raised about future of Lakers head coach Frank Vogel.

Shall Frank Vogel be Worried about Lakers future.
Shall Frank Vogel be worried about Lakers Coaching possition

As per Nick, LeBron James, who will be unrestricted free agent in 2023 off-season will stay with the Lakers and management will look for better coach than Frank Vogel. He said, “He (Vogel) should be fired. It is not all his fault. He objectively did a terrible job this year”

Wright further added, “Now what’s nice for frank Vogel is, I can almost guarantee you this will be the last time he ever gets fired as the head coach of an NBA team, because it will probably be the last time he gets to be the head coach of an NBA team.”

Nick proposed that Anthony Davis and LeBron James staying put in Lakers will eventually force Vogel out of the door. Frank was not 1st choice for LeBron and he will have to face consequences of the poor season.

Frank Vogel’s Head Coaching career

Frank Vogel with Dwight Howard
Frank Vogel with Dwight Howard

Frank Vogel had one of the greatest ever 1st seasons witnessed by modern-day NBA fanbase, with the Los Angeles Lakers lifting the silverware for record-17th occasion. Interestingly, Vogel who started his coaching career from 2001 as assistant coach worked as head coach after 10 seasons.

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But his stints at Indiana Paces (2011-2016) and Orlando Magic (2016-2018) were sub-par. He then got super-duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James at his disposal with quality support players, which delivered Lakers record 17th NBA championship. After that great season, nearly same team were down to 7th in the West following season and now 11th placed Lakers don’t even have play-in chance.

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Is Frank Vogel to blame for Laker’s performance this season?

Lakers Coach Frank Vogel and LeBron James
Lakers Coach Frank Vogel and LeBron James

After winning the title in 2020 NBA finals against underdogs Miami Heat, the LA team were on poor run of form. They retained majority of their team in the next season but were bundled out in the 1st round via the conference holders Phoenix Suns.

Rsize Lakers big 3 - FirstSportz
Los Angeles Lakers 2022 Big 3

Considering the injuries to Anthony Davis and LeBron James in the 20-21 season, the front-office in Hollywood tried to add some more star power in the team. The mega trade brought in 2-time NBA scoring Champion and 2017 NBA MVP, Russell Westbrook.

But LeBron’s partial availability, Westbrook’s ineffective display, and Anthony Davis’ playing poorly that too for half season cost Lakers early rest in 2022. Trade for Westbrook left Lakers short of depth, which they tried to fill in with the Veterans’. Vogel’s inability to find exact chemistry and plan on floor can be seen as one more reason for unsuccessful year.

Whether Frank Vogel gets fired will be interesting to watch. But it is indeed safe to say that a demanding franchise like Los Angeles Lakers really need to find their way out from multiple faulty decision making. Moreover, will Vogel be able to find himself a seat in another camp? Only time will unravel the answer.

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