“Least concerned after missing postseason” NBA Fans attack LeBron James after seen enjoying his time on the sidelines against Warriors

Here's how the NBA fans reacted to the Los Angeles Lakers' 49th loss in the 2021-22 season, against the Golden State Warriors.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Anthony Davis and LeBron James

LeBron James less-Lakers were at dub nation for their third last games of the 2022 NBA season. Although LBJ didn’t go on court to play, he was seen on the sideline chucking with Anthony Davis while the LA-based franchise got edged out by 112-128 to the Warriors.

The 2022 NBA season started with high expectations for the Lakers but ended up with the agony of failing to even make a place in the playoffs. On Tuesday night, the franchise officially got knocked from the season when they lost their game to the Phoenix Suns by 121-110. This also confirmed the 10th seed for the San Antonio Spurs and their chance to play in the postseason game (play-in tournament).

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James has spent four years playing with the Los Angeles Lakers and it was the second time that LA with King was unable to make it to the playoffs. Although he won his fourth NBA championship with LA in the 2020 season soon after that a long dip is seen in the consistency of the Lakers’ performance throughout the past two seasons.

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LeBron James and Company facing backlash history with the fans this season

Due to this poor performance in the 2022 season, the NBA fans have got more frustrated with the franchise not only them even the Lakers Nation are fed up. Their frustration was clearly visible in the games when they started booing the LA team during the home games. They primarily taunted Russell Westbrook but soon the fans’ anger of fire started catching other Lakers’ star players too.

Los Angeles Lakers big three- Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

The fans started losing their grip as their faith in LeBron and Company was going down during the early March of 2022 when the Lakers lost to their city rivals the Clippers who were shorthanded at that time still defeated them. Well, LeBron noticed the behavior of the fans and talked about it during the postgame interview. Where he said:   

“I ride or die with the Lakers faithful. If they boo, I’m with them … if they cheer, I’m with them.”

LeBron James
LeBron James

Moreover, the season will soon get officially over for the Lakers after they complete their games with Thunders and Nuggets. We hope that the LA-based franchise comes up with a great success next year and this booing turn into the praising for them.

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Here’s how the NBA fans reacted to the Lakers’ 49th lost against the Golden State Warriors

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