“We got cold-blooded killer in Michael Jordan, and we got nice guy in him” Skip Bayless suggests LeBron James only has ‘longevity factor’ in the GOAT debate

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe argue over the comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Michael Jordan, Skip Bayless and LeBron James

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James and the presence of Skip Bayless in that debate means one and only one thing, Jordan winning in any scenario as Bayless can’t agree to any stat or any statement in the support of LeBron, who according to the analyst has one and only one thing in his favour, longevity. Bayless put forward his case landing one and only one thing in the favour of LeBron, and that according to him was the ability of the player to play in the 19th year of his career the same way he was playing the first few years in his career, or in fact, even better.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Everyone knows that no one has ever been able to have the longevity of the kind that Lebron has, but just that according to Skip isn’t enough to call him the GOAT.

LeBron James is the icon of basketball in this generation and is up against Michael Jordan in order for people to decide who is better among them both, and that is a perennial, never ending debate, which has been going on since decades. Just like everyone else who is a part of the NBA World, Bayless also has his own opinions on this debate, which everyone knows he wont keep to himself, therefore, there arise situations when he gives such “hot takes” that they are bound to fire up the internet and amass reactions, of all sorts.

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless

Bayless was put up against Shannon Sharpe this time, who has taken his own side against the former, which made the debate more interesting.

Sharpe and Bayless were discussing the comments made by Julius Erving, aka Dr. J who stated that James and his longevity made him a better player than Jordan, which was a claim disputed by Bayless but accepted by Sharpe. Let us take a closer look into what Skip had to say about Dr. J’s comments and LeBron’s position in the GOAT list.

Skip Bayless only rates LeBron James for his longevity, still ranks him lower than Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and LeBron James
Michael Jordan and LeBron James

Skip Bayless has always been ruthless in his comparisons of James with Jordan and has always sided the latter in the GOAT Debate, but this was the first time when he did call something in favour of James, and that was the factor of longevity, something that everyone in the entire world agrees to, that James is the player who has had the same kind of performance, that being dominant, throughout the time he has played in the league.

From the beginning of his career, now to the 19th year in hi career where he plays with the same dominance and has carried his team on his shoulders singlehandedly to the position where they are right now. While Sharpe argues the position is very high, Bayless says that position is underwater and James is responsible for it.

Skip Bayless’ entire take on LeBron

While both the Analysts were in a debate, Skip agreed to Dr.J’s comments stating that the Longevity factor was the only one that stands inside James’ GOAT debate with Jordan, which has always sided and will always side in the favour of the latter. While Skip argued that LeBron was playing with the same dominance unlike any other player in the history of the sport, he also stated that just longevity isn’t something that could grant him the GOAT Status.

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Dr J’s comments on LeBron

4-6 Championship wins and 4 NBA MVP awards were nothing in comparison to 6-0 Championship wins and 6 MVP Awards. Everyone else could always argue that James is better due to his longevity factor but Skip will stick to his opinions that Jordan is the GOAT.

Twitter Reacts to Skip Bayless arguing against Dr. J, ignoring James’ longevity factor

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