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Los Angeles Clippers’ Paul George spotted with a stack of “Cash” during a road trip

Twitter reacts to Clippers' Paul George carrying a stack of money.

Paul George and the whole of LA clippers were on their way to Memphis, Tennessee to square off against the Memphis Grizzlies. The LA Clippers are performing just fine in the league considering the fact their key player Kawhi Leonard is absent due to an injury. 

Back in July, the All-star tore his ACL, and since then has been absent from Clippers games. For the first in the franchise history, the LA Clippers reached the Western Conference Finals last season, and if they want to keep this momentum going then they’d have to find someone who could shoulder Leonard’s responsibilities.

But till then, it’s Paul George who will have to guide and lean the Clippers. Taking the Stats of this season into account, we can say that the Clippers are doing well for themselves than what was initially expected.

Paul George is ready for the Road-game with a case full of Cash

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

Paul George was spotted carrying a case full of cash while boarding his flight to Memphis, Tennessee to compete against the Grizzlies. Wearing red track pants and a hoodie with a black cap, the 7 times NBA All-Star was seen with a stack of cash in a small black color case that he was carrying.

This intrinsically attracted attention from all the NBA fans and they took on the Bluebird to showcase their curiosity.

The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the LA Clippers by 120-108. The LA Clippers are currently 9-6 in the league and will face off against the New Orleans Pelicans in today’s game at the Smoothie King Centre in New Orleans.

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