Married Michael Jordan allegedly wanted to GAMBLE with famous woman for her VIRGINITY

Michael Jordan was married from 1989-2006.

Married Michael Jordan allegedly wanted to GAMBLE with famous woman for her VIRGINITY

Michel Jordan had a habit of gambling (Image via @frankmikesmith/Twitter)

Michael Jordan has to be one of the most popular basketball entities in the world. The shooting guard who made his mark with the Chicago Bulls is widely considered one of the best. However, even with his flawless skill and talent, Jordan was still human. Like any other common person, Jordan, too, had a strange admiration for friendly games off the court. For him, it was particularly that of gambling.


In 1995, Jordan’s love for gambling almost reportedly put him and his marriage in trouble with infidelity. This goes way back to the time when Jordan tried betting on a dice game with Lisa Kennedy. Kennedy, at the time, was a 23-year-old video jockey for MTV who was also popularly known as ‘Virgin Kennedy’. Her name came from the fact that Kennedy was reported to be a virgin.

Lisa Kennedy was out for dinner with Russell Simmons and Michael Jordan in New York. This is when the Bulls guard reportedly took out a pair of dice and suggested that Kennedy and him should play. The conditions were if Jordan won, he would get to sleep with her. Kennedy, however, turned down the proposition for two reasons, one of which was the fact that Jordan was married. Instead, she reportedly ended up winning after proposing they play for New York Knicks tickets.

Although Lisa Kennedy claims that she won, she never mentioned if she got the tickets from Jordan or not. On the other hand, this story as a whole is an alleged report and seems to have no solid confirmation yet.


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When did Michael Jordan get married?

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Michael Jordan with Yvette Prieto (L- Image via POPSUGAR) and Juanita Vanoy (R- Image via Marie Claire)

Michael Jordan, since his playing days, has been married twice until now. He first tied the knot with (then) Juanita Jordan in 1998. The couple reportedly met during the early days of Jordan’s career and got married right in the fall of the 80s decade. In over two decades of their married life, the couple also had three kids together.

In 2002, however, (now) Juanita Vanoy filed for a divorce. Although the two managed to reconcile for a brief while, their divorce was finalized in 2007. Michael Jordan then moved on to marry his current wife, Yvette Prieto, in 2013. Jordan and Prieto met shortly after his first marriage ended. They crossed paths in 2008 in a nightclub in Miami and instantly hit it off.

Prieto and Jordan then moved in together in 2009, and by 2011, they were engaged. In 2013, the couple got married in front of over 500 guests and have had twin daughters since then. Although Jordan and Prieto have kept their relationship rather private, they have been spotted together in multiple red-carpet events.


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