“Same league that celebrates Karl Malone” – Adam Silver breaks silence about Josh Giddey’s pedophilia accusations, NBA fans not surprised by lack of action

Fans are comparing Josh Giddey and Karl Malone due to their trysts with underaged women.

“Same league that celebrates Karl Malone” – Adam Silver breaks silence about Josh Giddey’s pedophilia accusations, NBA fans not surprised by lack of action

Adam Silver and Josh Giddey (Credits: CNBC and Marca.com)

NBA star Josh Giddey is the subject of a lot of discussion but not for positive reasons. Giddey is rumored to be dating 15-year-old high school student Liv Cook, according to reports ever since internet pictures of the two hanging out surfaced. According to commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA has stepped back from its investigation while law enforcement agencies look into the claims.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver discussed why the league has permitted Josh Giddey, a star player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, to play. Despite allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor. He claims that the Josh Giddey investigation is being handled by the appropriate authorities. The league has taken a “back seat” in it.


Adam Silver said,

I think if you look back, I can't think of many circumstances where we've suspended a player based on an allegation alone. In this case, we have an allegation and then you have a police investigation and a parallel league investigation. I'd also add that where there is a criminal investigation, we take a backseat.

Social media posts from late November allegedly showed a man who looked like the player with an underaged woman in pictures and videos. It’s not clear where or when they were taken. In an explanation on Friday, Silver stated that Josh is playing while two investigations are being conducted by standard league procedures. He informed ESPN’s Malika Andrews that the Newport Beach Police Department had notified the NBA of their independent investigation.

Fans react to Adam Silver’s comments on Josh Giddey controversy

Fans have noticed that since they spotted the two hanging out together through online posts on Wednesday night, one of the photos had the wrong caption. The fans are interested in finding out the next step in the league’s investigation into Giddey. Giddey has been likened to Karl Malone, a legend of the Utah Jazz, throughout all of this.

Josh Giddey and Karl Malone
Josh Giddey and Karl Malone (Credits: The Sporting Blog and Basketballnews.com)

Surprisingly, the two differ in their potential, achievements, and play styles. Fans, however, claim that there is just one similarity between the two players. Malone allegedly impregnated a 13-year-old girl back when he was a student at Louisiana Tech University. He was twenty years old at the time, and it still doesn’t look good. Now NBA fans are equating Malone’s controversy to Josh’s controversy. Though Adam Silver’s statement kind of filled that up by taking a back seat:

But his slow start to the season— he’s averaging 11.8 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 4.3 assists through 20 games—combined with the ongoing investigation could affect Josh’s contract negotiations. Giddey’s last game was today against the Golden State Warriors, where he contributed nine points, nine rebounds, and four assists as they prevailed 138-136 in a close contest.

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