“He was right at the door waiting…” Kyrie Irving’s teammate and coach shutdown rumors of superstar leaving arena in wheelchair

Coach Jason Kidd and teammate Tim Hardaway contradict announcers claiming Kyrie Irving left the arena in a wheel chair after his fall.

“He was right at the door waiting…” Kyrie Irving’s teammate and coach shutdown rumors of superstar leaving arena in wheelchair

Kyrie Irving after his fall (Image via KATU)

In a well-deserved victory, the Dallas Mavericks secured an impressive 125-112 away win at the Moda Center, home to the Portland Trail Blazers. Star player Luka Doncic contributed significantly, recording 32 points, 10 assists, and six rebounds.

However, the game was not without incident, as Kyrie Irving was ruled out due to injury following a medical examination. This happened after Portland’s Doup Reath fouled him, and he accidentally stepped on his foot with teammate Dwight Powell. Rumors circulated about the seriousness of the injury, and Irving left the arena in a wheelchair.


To confirm the Portland Trailblazers announcer’s claims of Kyrie Irving’s injury, the media questioned teammates and coach. In a post-game interview, Mavericks coach Jason Kidd debunked the claims of a serious injury when asked by reporters, laughing it off and saying:

“Just a right foot injury. That’s all I can tell you. We’ll know more tomorrow”
Coach Jason Kidd talking to media

Fans of the Mavericks would likely rejoice as they witness their new signing establishing chemistry with Doncic. Fortunately, the Mavs clinched the victory, with Dante Exum stepping up to contribute 23 points, six rebounds, and seven assists.

Tim Hardaway Jr joins coach Jason to debunk Kyrie Irving’s injury

Tim Hardaway Jr. of the Dallas Mavericks, in collaboration with his coach Jason Kidd, downplayed the severity of Kyrie Irving’s injury. Contrary to reports that he left the arena in a wheelchair, the Blazer’s broadcast confirmed it, and Hardaway was more than happy to debunk such claims during the game.

Tim Hardaway (via X)

Dallas Maverick’s Tim Hardaway had this to say:

“It’s tough. But we gotta have his back. That’s what he would want and I’m glad we came out with the victory. He was right there at the door waiting for us when we came in.”
Tim Hardaway talking to the media

Tim Hardaway had a stellar game, contributing 20 points and securing four rebounds for the Mavericks. Throughout this season, he maintains an average of 16.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 1.5 assists per game. Looking ahead, the Mavericks are gearing up for another away game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

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